United Healthcare Sucks

Why does United Healthcare sucks? United Healthcare is the largest health insurance carrier in the United States. In 2012 United Healthcare generated a revenue of $103 billion and earnings of $7.8 billions. So the question is  With an earning of just under $8 billions the top executives of the company must be very well fed. So the question is why is United Healthcare So Bad?

6 Reasons Why United Healthcare Sucks

Hired Managing Partner & CFO of a Disgraced Accounting Firm as its CEO

The company’s President and Chief Executive Officer Stephen J. Hemsley is amongst world’s highest paid executives. By the way, before joining United Healthcare he was with Arthur Andersen, the disgraced accounting firm. Mr. Hemsley was the Managing Partner and CFO at Arthur Andersen. Now we can perfectly understand that Mr Hemsley know nothing of the biggest American fraud his company was brewing. After all he was just the CFO and not the CEO.

Mr Hemsley was the COO at United Healthcare when the company was caught with its pants down in the share backdating scandal. A lawsuit in which CalPers is the lead plaintiff asserted that he had direct involvement in backdating of shares.

For his blood and sweat Stephen J Hemsley earned $1.3 million in salary $3.4 million in bonuses and $0.58 in other compensation – a hard cash of $5.8 millions. His stock appreciated by $43.55 millions. Source Forbes.com.

Stephen J Hemsley is the reason #1 United Healthcare sucks.

Large Number of

No Respect for Customer

No respect for customer is reason #2 why United Healthcare sucks. Actually this could be reason no 1. Let me give you one reason why I believe UHC has no respect for customer. Assume I manufacture widgets. I am the biggest manufacturer of widgets in the country. Due to changes in the law I decide to stop selling widgets in some states January 1, 2014 onwards. If you live in one of these states and come to you for buying widgets what should I do?

At the very least I should have the courtesy to tell you that I am discontinuing that product line in your state.

United Healthcare does not think so. The company decided (on July 2) to discontinue individual health insurance in California. But there is no mention of this development on company’s website. Screenshot of uhc.com press release page.

United Healthcare Sucks No Mention of Leaving California

United Healthcare Sucks No Mention of Leaving California

The news that United Healthcare is exiting individual health market in California is not newsworthy enough for the company’s news page.

Multiple Names

As a consumer you may not even know that you are with United Health Group. UHG is the big daddy of UHC. It also owns companies like Oxford, PacifiCare, IBA, AmeriChoice, Evercare, Ovations, MAMSI etc.

Complaints All Over

85 percent reviews on Consumer Affairs are 1 Star (lowest satisfaction rating) and 14 percent are 2 stars. Out of 109 ratings only one rating is a five star rating. Obviously United Healthcare sucks on ConsumerAffairs.com. The story is similar on Yelp. There are four yelp reviews and all are one star rating.

Consumers are also posting their complaints against the company on UnitedHealthCareComplaints.com

Even Physicians Think United Healthcare Sucks

So you want to dismiss the earlier points as rants. But wait! Even the physicians think that United Healthcare Sucks. United Healthcare has been rated the lowest for four years in a row by physicians. As per MGMA survey in which 800 medical professionals participated the company has been rated the lowest for the following questions.

  • What is your overall current satisfaction with the payer? Lowest Score of 2.77/5.
  • How has the payer’s overall performance changed during the past six months? Lowest score of 2.73
  • How satisfied are you with the amount of time it takes the payer to respond toyour questions? Lowest score of 2.60/5.
  • How satisfied are you with the accuracy and consistency of the payer’s responses toyour questions? Lowest score of 2.69/5.
  • How satisfied are you that the payer conducts 2-way, good-faith negotiations during thecontracting process? Lowest score of 2.38/5.
  • How satisfied are you that the payer fully discloses its payment policies? Lowest score of 2.76/5.
  • How satisfied are you with the claims appeals process? Lowest score of 2.48/5.

United Healthcare managed lowest rating in seven out of thirteen questions. The company did not receive top rating for any question.

Customers Say Nay

Survey of PPO consumers in California paints a poor picture of the company. It seems the company is number one only in terms of premium collected. Their customers in california have rated the company as “Fair” (2 out of 4) for getting easy care and getting answers from the company.

United Healthcare Receives Fair Ratings in California

United Healthcare Receives Fair Ratings in California – Consumers Think The Company Sucks?


From the evidence I have presented it is obvious that United Healthcare Sucks. The question is how much? To know that you may have to buy a policy with the. But will you?

4 Responses to United Healthcare Sucks

  1. jim May 14, 2015 at 7:29 pm #

    They wouldn’t cover my skin cancer diagnosis by two local dermatologists with a lot of experience in their fields. My Drs also were confused as to why the insurance company wouldn’t cover a cancer diagnosis.

  2. Terry Cofield August 13, 2015 at 3:15 pm #

    Their customer service sucks. I think their phone voice actuated system is deliberately set up to confuse, delay and confound people. Whomever is responsible for business processes should be fired. Their staff is not trained and the corporate culture is clearly devoid of any consideration for customer service. They just totally suck in every way and it certainly seems like it is by deliberate design.

  3. Cathy Knox October 6, 2015 at 11:10 pm #

    This company has no empathy for my mom who was very sick ! They are rude and their customer
    service agents give out the wrong information put you on hold forever, then past you from one department to other department. At the end of the transfers they tell you they cant help you!!!
    What I cant hear you!!! You just had me on hold for over an hour and you can’t WHATTTTTT!!!
    The worst company to deal with the old and sick !!! Shame on this company!!! If you can stay far away !!!

  4. kenneth byrd October 13, 2015 at 11:40 am #

    United healthcare sucks. Called 3 times to get proof of insurance spent a good 3 hours on the phone. Still no proof of insurance. a bunch of morons idiots and asses wrapped into one.

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