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10 Health Insurance Blogs You Should Follow (2023)


Health insurance blogs are a nice way to keep in touch with latest happenings in the health insurance vertical.  

But you have to be sure to follow the ones who update their site consisently with the latest news.

In this article, I have compiled a list of 10 health insurance blogs you will find informative and useful for a variety of reasons.

health insurance blog
10 Health Insurance Blogs to follow in 2021

I have found the following blogs are the best in the USA when it comes to:

  • Updates on changes in health insurance
  • Answering FAQ's about health insurance
  • Regular, consistent blogging

1. HealthCare.gov Health Insurance Blog

Obamacare (or Affordable Care Act) is all around us. People are still talking about it with friends and colleagues. Newspapers are still talking about it almost daily. President Obama is still getting interviewed about it.

And guess what.  Healthcare.gov provides all the updates and changes to Obamacare, as well as:

  • Information about health care
  • Medicaid, CHIP, and Medicare
  • Tips on getting coverage or changing your plan

They also post very regularly, typically once per week.  Here's a shot of the blog.

Healthcare.gov Example - One of Our Top 10 Health Insurance Blogs

So if you want to keep in touch with health insurance marketplace you must read this blog. Go ahead and subscribe to its RSS feed. You will like this blog for its simplicity and to-the-point articles.

2. Kaiser Health News

Kaiser Health News is the bible of health insurance industry.

Learn more: Kaiser Permanente Health Insurance Reviews

If you want a blog that offers regular health insurance and healthcare updates, you'll find that Kaiser posts multiple articles per day!

Topics range widely.  They cover things like:

  • Covid updates 
  • Insurance companies in the news
  • Interviews with doctors
  • Health advocacy 

One of the things we like about the blog is there's interesting stuff there for anyone.  It's not just about insurance.

So you may see an important update about the rollout of Covid vaccines in one article, and in the next, you may see them tackle how bad it is for your health to drink soda.

Part of Kaiser Foundation the articles on KHN are well researched (they have to be) and relevant. The articles are not too technical and a causal reader will not find this website too hard to follow.  Overall, it gives a great bird’s eye view of health insurance industry.


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3. The Health Care Blog

Well, as the name suggests this is a health care blog but it also covers topics related to health insurance. It has good coverage of health insurance topics as well. The blog is quite active (typically one new article per day) and has a number of in depth articles.

Here are some of the topics they cover:

  • Artificial intelligence and health care
  • Healthcare Economics & business
  • Hospitals
  • Politics
  • Health tech
  • Obamacare vs Trump's Health

Of course they also cover the basics like Medicare and Medicaid.  

While it may be one of the best health insurance blogs in the U.S., the only thing we don't love is its design.  Not a great looking blog:

The Health Care Blog - One of Our Top Recommended Health Insurance Blogs

Overall, it's worth reading if you are really into health insurance.  Fair Warning: Don’t read this blog if you are not really into insurance.

4. eHealthInsurance.com

Ehealthinsurance.com is a website which sells health insurance online.  They also have a great Medicare blog.  The main site is not really a blog but has a number of informative articles. You should definitely check this out if you're interested in:

  • Medicare
  • Individual & family plans
  • Small business health insurance
  • Short-term health insurance
  • Obamacare

They sort of do it all.  They even sell dental and vision coverage. While you are at this website you should check out their health insurance buyers guide (opens pdf).

5. AHIP Blog

AHIP stands for America's Health Insurance Plans.  Their site is catered toward insurance professionals as they offer continuing education, online courses, and designations.  However, a lot of the content is consumer friendly as well.

They have a beautiful blog that's easy to navigate, updated regularly, and chock full of resources about:

  • Health insurance affordability
  • All insurance types: vision, long-term care, short-term health, dental
  • Prevention/public health
  • Provider networks
  • Product and market issues

They've also done an exceptional job of keeping up with Covid-related issues.

6. Insurance Library

Insurance Library is mainly a Q&A website. It has more than 1600 health insurance related questions answered.

One of the cool things about this site is actual insurance agents spend time answering the health insurance questions.  Readers can award points (like votes) for quality. 

It's a lot different than reading other blogs who often employ freelance writers (typically non-insurance professionals) to do their writing.

Insurance Library Blog Top Agents

Source: Insurancelibrary.com

The result is you get knowledgeable, insider's perspectives from agents who answer your questions.

If you are searching for how to cancel you health insurance at any time then go to Insurance Library. This website is a great resource for other insurance verticals as well.

7. VeryWellHealth.com - Health Care Section

Verywellhealth.com provides a ton of trusted information about how to stay healthy and covers diseases, similar to a healthline.com.  They have over 300 million annual readers. 

It seems in the past few years, they acquired About.com's Health Insurance section, since HealthInsurance.About.com now forwards to Verywellhealth.com's new Health Care blog.

Verywellhealth.com - A Leading Healthcare Blog

The blog itself says its focus is to help you "navigate the complicated world of health care."

It has resources on:

  • health insurance
  • public health
  • patient rights
  • healthcare technology
  • and resources for caregivers

And while this section is somewhat new, it seems to have pulled in a number of great health insurance articles from about.com resulting in a vast archive of articles.

The articles are short and to the point (typically about 1,000 words) and do a great job at explaining the basic concepts of health insurance. This is a very active blog. New articles are added every week. They even have fun articles like what to do if you are bitten by a crested gecko. You can follow this blog for keeping yourself up to date on health insurance.

8. Health Care Law Blog

If you are an insurance maven, this blog is for you. Health Care Law Blog has detailed articles on health insurance laws and rules.

Its focuses are:

  •  health care industry
  • privacy
  • security
  • and technology

The blog is run by Bob Coffield, a health insurance lawyer. This blog was super active for several years and then Bob stopped writing.  He restarted it, though, in 2020 in response to the Covid-19 pandemic as a source for health care and legal information. 

9. The Daily Signal

The Daily Signal is more of a political blog than health insurance blog.  But they also have a health care blog.  It seems that during the Covid pandemic, the topics have been very closely related.  So, just as an example, in the past couple of months they've reported on:

  • NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo's handling of nursing homes during Covid
  • Texas Gov. Greg Abbott's order banning Covid Vaccine "passports"
  • 60 Minute's attack on FL Gov. Rick DeSantis' handling of Covid

Anti-obamacare blog

Recently, The Daily Signal seems to have acquired http://blog.heritage.org, which was a blog with a lot of information (mostly negative) about Obamacare.  If you don’t like Obamacare (due to any reason) you can still find this in the Daily Signal archives. The website has amazing blog posts which are super anti ACA.

10. Senior Benefit Services

While not offering traditional health insurance, they specialize in Medicare supplements.

Please note the sites above do not sell car insurancehomeowners insurance, or business insurance.  Please visit our pages on Insurance Dodo for those.

Honorable Mention: NCPA – John Goodman’s Health Policy Blog

John Goodman’s Health Policy Blog shut down a couple of years ago but still has an incredible archive of information.  It might not teach you the meaning of PPO neither will it tell you how to find the cheapest short term health insurance.  What this blog has is great articles on health insurance industry. So if you want to get a 30,000 feet view of health insurance industry this is still a good resource.


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