10 Health Insurance Blogs You Should Follow

Health insurance blogs are a nice way to keep in touch with latest happenings in the health insurance vertical. In this article I have compiled a list of health insurance blogs you will find informative and useful for a variety of reasons.

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10 Health Insurance Blogs to follow in 2021

1. HealthCare.gov Health Insurance Blog

Obamacare (or Affordable Care Act) is all around us. People are talking about it with friends and colleagues. Newspapers are talking about it almost daily. President Obama is talking about it, well, everywhere. So if you want to keep in touch with health insurance marketplace you must read this blog. Go ahead and subscribe to its RSS feed. You will like this blog for its simplicity and to the point articles

2. Kaiser Health News

Kaiser Health News is the bible of health insurance industry. Part of Kaiser Foundation the articles on KHN are well researched (they have to be) and relevant. The articles are not too technical and a causal reader will not find this website too hard to follow. Gives a great bird’s eye view of health insurance industry.

3. The Health Care Blog

Well as the name suggests this is a health care blog but covers topics health insurance. But it has good coverage of health insurance topics as well. The blog is quite active and has a number of in depth articles. Worth reading if you are really into health insurance.

Fair Warning: Don’t read this blog if you are not really into insurance.

4. eHealthInsurance.com

Strictly speaking this is not a blog but a website which sells health insurance online. But the site has a number of informative articles and state wise health insurance resources. You should definitely check this out. While you are at this website you should check out there health insurance buyers guide (opens pdf).

5. NCPA – John Goodman’s Health Policy Blog

John Goodman’s Health Policy Blog will not teach you the meaning of PPO neither will it tell you how to find the cheapest short term health insurance. What this blog has is great articles on health insurance industry. So if you want to get a 30,000 feet view of health insurance industry this should be your go to place.

6. Insurance Library

Insurance Library is mainly a Q&A website. It has more than 1600 health insurance related questions answered. If you are searching for how to cancel you health insurance at any time then go to Insurance Library. This website is a great resource for other insurance verticals as well.

7. HealthInsurance.About.com

About.com has a number of great health insurance article. The articles are short and to the point and do a great job at explaining the basic concepts of health insurance. This is a very active blog. New articles are added every week. You can follow this blog for keeping yourself up to date on health insurance.

8. Health Care Law Blog

If you are an insurance maven this blog is for you. Health Care Law Blog has detailed articles on health insurance laws and rules. The blog is run by Bob Coffield, a health insurance lawyer. This blog is inactive since last year or so. But it has some great articles on health insurance laws.

9. Anti Obamacare Blog

If you don’t like Obamacare (due to any reason) you must read this. The heritage network website has amazing blog posts which are super anti ACA.

10. Senior Benefit Services

While not offering traditional health insurance, they specialize in Medicare supplements.

Please note the sites above do not sell car insurancehomeowners insurance, or business insurance.  Please visit our pages on Insurance Dodo for those.

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