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What is Copay?

Definition of Copay Copay also called copayment or co-payment is a health insurance term. Even when you have an insurance cover (like a HMO plan or a PPO plan) you have to pay for a part of your health care expenses. Insurance companies will make you pay under three heads. Copay Co-insurance Deductible Let’s try to […]

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What is PPO and How to Choose the Right PPO Plan?

What is PPO insurance? I have been getting this question quite a lot lately. PPO is an abbreviation for Preferred Provider Organization and it is a kind of managed health care insurance plan. PPO is formed by bringing together health care providers like doctors, nurses, hospitals, medical labs, pharmacies, X-Ray centres, etc under an agreement. These […]

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Health Insurance Terms

Buying health insurance is complex. It comes in flavours like indemnity plans (not so popular anymore), managed care plans, and now Obamacare. If this is not enough to confuse the average buyer then health insurance terms like HMO, PPO, POS, IPA, copayment (abbreviated as co-pay) or coinsurance, etc certainly would. This blog post to describe […]

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What is HMO Insurance?

HMO is abbreviation for Health Maintenance Organization. Sometimes HMO and HMO Insurance are used interchangeably. Loosely speaking HMO is a type of managed care plan (The other two being Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) and Point of Service (POS) Plan). Health Maintenance Organizations are created by bringing together health care providers. Health care providers include doctors, hospitals, […]

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California Health Insurance Companies – List of 82 Companies

California health insurance companies can be divided into three categories: Companies providing only group health insurance coverage Companies providing only individual health insurance coverage Companies providing both individual and group health insurance coverage The raw data (list of California Health Insurance Companies) is taken from California Department of Insurance website. While working on the raw […]

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Top Health Insurance Companies – The Big Boys

Health insurance is probably the most important amongst all insurance policies. I am starting this blog by compiling a list of top health insurance companies in the United States. There are 803 health insurance companies in United States (Source: Insurance Information Institute) which provide major medical insurance. Covering them all in one blog post is an impossible task. Because health […]

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