The Best and Cheapest Pet Insurance Plans for 2022

The Best and Cheapest Pet Insurance Plans for 2022

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How Does Pet Insurance Work?

Pet Insurance is similar to Health Insurance plans. You pay a monthly premium which will cover certain procedures and exams. This will depend upon which plan you get. There is also usually a small deductible that you have to pay when you take your pet to the Veterinarian.

After you pay the deductible, the pet insurer will pay a percentage of the bill, which is usually anywhere from 50% to 100%. Some insurers will pay the bill directly and some will reimburse you for the bill.

What Does Pet Insurance Cover?

According to the American Pet Products Association’s National Pet Owners Survey, a routine visit to the Veterinarian for a dog costs $242 and a routine visit for a cat costs $178. The price goes up if your pet needs surgery or an emergency visit.  While individual costs vary depending on the specific procedure your  dog or cat needs, expect to pay upwards anywhere from $500–$5,000 without pet insurance. Also consider the additional costs of x-rays, tests, examinations, and an overnight vet stay.

Final Thoughts

Getting Pet Insurance really helps lower your costs. Each Pet Insurance differs slightly but most of them cover the following: Pet Exams, Accidents and injuries, Testing and diagnostics, Illnesses, Surgeries, Wellness, Behavioral Therapy and More.

Having Pet Insurance may help you save hundreds of dollars or even more per year.