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Who are the Best Auto Insurance Companies?

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Shop around for the best pricing.  Get at least 3 quotes before you decide.

Buy as much liability coverage as you can.

Bad driving record or claims?  Try Progressive.

The easy answer is short:  The best auto insurance company is the one who pay the claim!

As you prepare to shop for auto insurance, you may have a limited amount of time.  

Everybody is super busy, so put a strategy in place before you start your search for quotes.  

Auto insurance is like a lot of things, the quality and price vary.  

The key to getting the most bang for your insurance buck in the least amount of time is knowing the auto insurance market.

Auto insurance companies usually have a niche of the consumer market where they feel comfy.

Some like families who live in the suburbs.  

Some like single people who live in a city.

Some like high net worth individuals.

Others are popular because they will take anyone, regardless of their driving record or claim history.

This isn’t just true of auto insurance, it tends to be the way insurance companies are for all types of insurance.

Insurance companies use big data.  

If they have a good data set on a particular type of policyholder, they can use that data over and over to make decisions.

So… you probably want to know which companies like you.  

Because I’m a pleaser, I’ll make it as easy as possible…


If you are a mom or dad?  

Have a couple kids that you shuttle to soccer and dance class in a minivan or SUV all weekend? 

You, my friend, have what we call in the insurance business “options”.  

You are the classic middle class family and insurance companies are loving you.

Why are you so popular?

They like you because married people with kids tend to be really careful.  (read: no claims).

You also tend to have a stable source of income to pay the premium bill every month.  

Very few claims and you pay the bill?  That makes you the dream client!

All State, State Farm, Mercury, Farmers, Auto Owners, Erie, Travelers, Nationwide, basically all the big names in the insurance biz like the classic middle class family.    

Of course this all changes as soon as your son or daughter turns 16 and gets their license.  

When that happens, your rates go sky high.  

Want to know how to get the best rates as a family with teen drivers?  

But I digress…  The reason you came here is to find out which auto insurance companies like you.

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Dodo Definitions

Insurance Term:

Liability: This coverage pays the other party if you hurt them or damage their property.   This is the most important part of auto insurance.  If you cause an accident, you may need more than you think. 

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Low Cost Auto Insurance

Switch and save on average $750/yr.  Bundle and save even more!  Compare best rates online in minutes!

Comparison quotes are quick, easy, and free!


Members of the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) can find a great discount with The Hartford.  

You have to be a member of AARP before you get on board with The Hartford, but the discount is pretty significant.

Comparison quotes are quick, easy, and free!

tips for success!

Dodo Tips

Want to get the best rates?

Auto Insurance companies will run your credit score.  Higher scores get lower rates.  If you have a poor credit score, try fixing it before you shop for insurance.


If you are a single person on a  budget, you can consider GEICO or E-surance.

GEICO and E-surance are mostly website driven companies, but they will also have an 800 number you can call if you need a live person.  

These are folks in a national call center, so every time you call, you are going to have to recap your last conversation that you had with the previous person.

This can get frustrating when things are just not getting fixed.

But hey, you get low rates and sometimes that comes at a bit of a cost on the customer service end of the deal.

Both GEICO and E-surance are owned by huge insurance companies, so they are going to have money to pay the claim when needed.

Since most young, single folks are comfortable with working online, these options are a great way to stretch your insurance buying power.

Dodo Tip:  make sure you carry adequate liability insurance limits.  

Just because your insurance doesn’t pay the claim, doesn’t mean you won’t be stuck paying a settlement for years after an at fault accident.

The Dodo says you should carry at minimum $100,000 per person liability, $300,000 per accident, and $100,000 in property damage coverage.

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Cheapest Auto Insurance Quotes in Your Area

Don't Settle On Your First Quote. Compare Providers & Shop Around For the Best Rate in Under 2 Minutes.

Comparison quotes are quick, easy, and free!


If you are looking for coverage and have an accident and maybe a couple of tickets on your record, you may need to start looking at companies like Progressive, who will take anyone, regardless of your record.  

Progressive is available by calling directly or via a local independent agent.  

They only look at the last three years of your driving record too. 

So if you had a streak of bad luck four or five years ago, they may be your best option.  

Some insurance companies can look as far back as 10 years for things like a DUI or reckless driving tickets.

don't be a dodo!

Don't Make this Dodo Mistake

Watch out for this mistake!

By jumping around too much. Try to limit your shopping to every other year unless you have a big life changing event or see a huge rate increase. Many auto insurance companies give a 'loyalty discount' that can be significant.


Another category of insurance buyer is the one who values time more than paying the lowest price.  

For this shopper, prompt claims handling and individualized service matter most.  

Many people who fall into this category have done well for themselves in life and are beginning to enjoy some of the fruit of their labor.

There are several insurance companies who cater to clientele who want concierge claims service and are willing to pay for it.  

Nationwide Private Client and Encompass Insurance Company are built with a higher level of service in mind.  

These companies will typically ask to not only handle your auto insurance, but your home and umbrella policy as well.

Companies such as Chubb, AIG, or PURE all cater to individuals and families who will pay for a higher level of coverage and service.  

They also require policy holders to have their auto and homeowners insurance bundled together.  

In the end, the best auto insurance companies are the ones who pay on your claim.

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