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Expert Strategies & Tips For Buying Car Hauler Insurance


Expert Strategies & Tips For Buying Car Hauler Insurance

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What is Car Hauler Insurance? 

Car hauler insurance protects the people who haul cars, the cars they haul, and hauler equipment.

The insurance offers financial commercial insurance protection if anyone suffers an injury while moving a vehicle. 

It also provides financial protection for repair and replacement coverage in case of an accident. 

Car Hauler Insurance

People who haul cars as a business will need commercial auto insurance to include comprehension, collision, liability coverage, and protection while storing, transporting, and towing vehicles. 

Car hauler coverage protects owners and operators from vandalism and theft while vehicles are in their care. 

Should an Auto Hauler Company Have Insurance?

Unless the car hauler company has the financial means to repair and replace vehicles in their care and pay for medical expenses, car hauler companies should have insurance.

Car haulers often have valuable property in their trailers, and accidents often result in lawsuits and other costly fees.

Insurance policies cover those unexpected costs.

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Do I Need Auto Hauler Insurance?

If you have a car hauling business or own a car hauler for personal reasons, you need car hauler insurance.

Car-hauling employees do not need their own insurance, as their employer’s insurance should cover them.

Some employees do add umbrella policies for extra protection if accidents happen.

Car Hauler Insurance

Best Car Hauler Insurance Companies

What Insurance Do Car Hauler Companies Need?

Car hauler companies need several policies to protect their employees, property, and customers from accidents and costly expenses.

They need business insurance and property insurance covering all parties from damage to property, liability expenses, and lawsuits. 

They also need coverage for their vehicles and drivers. 

Car hauler insurance policies usually include garage and operations coverage for accidents caused by vandalism, theft, fire, and natural disasters.

This coverage protects the vehicles while the company stores them. 

Companies also need cargo coverage that protects the company against accidents while storing or driving the vehicles.

They also need on-hook policies that protect the vehicles while towing or hauling them.

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Other Insurances auto Hauler Companies May Consider?

Car haulers might consider a few other insurance coverage policies.

Insurance companies provide trailer insurance that offers liability, property, and natural disaster coverage.

Some car hauler companies might also want to consider umbrella policies to increase their financial protection. 

Individuals that haul their own vehicles might want to consider car hauler insurance for their trailers and the vehicles they move.

As they share the roads with other drivers, they should also have liability coverage if anyone is injured by their trailer. 

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How Much Does Car Hauler Insurance Cost?

Car hauler insurance requirements, like a more inclusive business owners policy, can add between $500 and $2000 to monthly expenses. 

Insurance companies use several factors and statistics to determine insurance rates.

First, they look at your business and the car haulers you use.

Car hauler insurance cost considers the number of miles your company covers annually, as well as the number of vehicles your company moves.

Insurance companies also look at whether you haul vehicles across state lines.

The number of car haulers you have and your previous insurance claims affect your insurance rates.


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