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How is Auto Insurance Calculated?

Auto insurance calculation is a complex. Your auto insurance premium depends on a number of factors which can be split into the following broad categories. Factors Effecting Auto Insurance Premium Who You Are Auto insurance companies love to know about you before they sell you auto insurance. They want to know stuff like your education […]

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What Does Comprehensive Auto Insurance Cover?

Auto insurance is made up of a number of insurance covers like Personal Indemnity, Property Damage, Bodily Injury, Uninsured or Under-insured Bodily Injury, Collision Coverage and Comprehensive Insurance. Comprehensive insurance insures you against hazards that the other auto insurance covers do not. Comprehensive insurance provides cover for hazards like fire, hail storm etc. Lets take […]

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Top 10 Auto Insurance Companies In California

There are more than 50 auto insurance companies in California. California auto insurers include big national players like Farmers Insurance as well as smaller local players. Some companies like 21st Century Insurance don’t insurance fancy expensive cars like Ferrari, Rolls Royce, etc. If you have one of these cars then Access Insurance is your company. […]

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California Auto Insurance Discounts

Auto insurance premium is a major household expense. InsuranceDodo is committed to sharing information that helps you lower auto insurance costs. You may also want to read our blog post on lowering car insurance premium. This article is on California auto insurance discounts. We will take a look at all the auto insurance discounts and […]

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How to Lower Car Insurance Premium

An average car insurance costs $1510 a year as per a recent Forbes article. The cost of insurance varies widely between states. Average car insurance premium in Louisiana is $2699. In California average car insurance costs $1816. Wouldn’t it be great if you knew how to lower car insurance premium without compromising insurance cover. Let’s […]

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