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Expert Strategies & Tips for Buying Catering Insurance


Expert Strategies & Tips for Buying Catering Insurance

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Catering is a dynamic industry and you’re constantly working in new places and encountering new people.

As such, catering insurance is a must to keep you and your business safe. 

What is Catering Insurance? 

Accidents happen, and ensuring you’re covered will protect you from hefty out-of-pocket expenses.

Catering liability insurance will cover any liabilities incurred while running your business. 

Catering Business Insurance

This type of coverage protects you from potential risks from various parts of your catering company, including: 

  • Serving food and beverages to large groups of people
  • Damaged equipment Injuries (customers or employees)
  • Property damage (rental, client, venue)

Catering business insurance is very similar to policies provided to restaurants but with a few tweaks specific to the catering industry. 

This particular insurance takes catering-specific tasks into place, including transportation, renting of venues, off-site cooking, and more. 

Whether it’s an employee damaging a rented appliance or a car accident transporting food, caterer insurance will make sure you don’t pay the damages when something goes awry.

Should a Catering Company Have Insurance? 

When you’re cooking large meals, working with various venues at off-site locations, and serving food to crowds of people, anything can go wrong.

Purchasing liability insurance for catering is one of the most critical ways to become a successful, thriving business and protect yourself from financially bankrupting lawsuits or claims. 

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Do I Need Catering Liability Insurance?

While catering insurance isn’t required, it’s an affordable and sometimes required by your state to carry a business insurance policy.  

By not having liability insurance for catering you will be exposed to any number of risks without purchasing a policy.  

A commercial general liability insurance policy could mean the difference between saving or losing your business. 

You’ll remain financially secure and trustworthy to clients. 

Best Catering Insurance Companies

What Insurance Does a Caterer Need? 

The primary caterers insurance policy you should buy is general liability insurance. 

General liability protects you from on-the-job accidents and potential lawsuits.

These policies will cover the costs of replacing damaged equipment or treating bodily injuries to employees or customers. 

Catering Insurance

Do you drive to and from catering gigs a lot? Many basic catering business insurance policies also offer commercial auto coverage.

This insurance covers commercially registered vehicles or personal cars you use for your business. 

Commercial auto insurance covers you in instances when you are using a vehicle for commercial purposes and where a personal auto insurance policy will not. 

For example, a personal policy won’t cover an accident reported while transporting food to an event.

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Other Insurances A Caterer CompanY May Consider? 

Consider a business owners’ policy, which combines general liability with property damage coverage. 

You can also choose to add additional coverage options to customize your policy to your business. 

If you have employees, workers’ compensation is a required policy. 

It will cover all injuries or illnesses employees suffer from while on the job. 

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How Much Does Catering Insurance Cost? 

While it’s never enticing to look into adding another expense into your budget, your catering insurance cost is something you can't skip.

General liability coverage can cost as low as $30/month, depending on the company and your revenues.  

However, you want to consider the policy offerings and how much is covered. 

Overall, various factors play into how much your insurance policy will cost.

Industry experience is an essential factor, as veterans likely better understand potential risks.

Claims history will also increase your policy’s price tag.

A few other potential factors include: 

  • Number of employees
  • Annual payroll
  • Coverage limits and deductibles
  • Types of food and cooking methods
  • Liquor Risk-avoiding procedures


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