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Commercial General Liability Insurance


Commercial General Liability Insurance

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Commercial General Liability insurance covers your business for a wide area of claims. 

Coverages include business caused property damage, personal injuries and misleading advertising

Some states require certain industries to carry Commercial General Liability

Commercial general liability insurance protects your business against financial loss.

This type of insurance is for liability in case your business is found to be responsible for property damage, a personal injury, or misleading advertising. 

commercial general liability

What is Commercial General Liability Insurance and What Does It Cover?

Commercial General Liability insurance is just what it sounds like, it covers your business from generally what you'd expect. 

Examples include an employee that causes damage to a neighboring business or a customer’s personal property.

Or a customer enters your store and slips and falls on a wet floor, which causes a few broken bones. 

Misleading advertising can lead to lawsuits, especially if the messages are determined to be of the “bait and switch” variety.

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A “bait and switch” ad promises discounts on specific products or services, but the company intends to provide a substitute product or service instead. 

Let’s say a tire manufacturer advertises a low price on a specific brand of tires.

Customers come into the stores expecting to buy those tires at that price point.

However, the manufacturer knew those tires were discontinued.

Local store reps pressure the customers that come in to buy a different set at a higher price.

Commercial general liability insurance covers the legal expenses and cost of damages if you are found liable.

commercial general liability

What Types of Businesses Need Commercial General Liability Insurance?

Any business that works directly with clients and customers should get commercial general liability insurance.

Some states require businesses in certain industries to take out these policies, so you’ll want to check. 

You’ll want general liability insurance if your business has a physical storefront, like a Barber Shop or even Child Daycare Business, dance studio, if you own or rent business property, like a property manager, or your employees handle clients’ property.

Even when you are in charge of handling property, like a HOA, or a General Contractor, Carpenter, Architect, you will still need GL coverage. 

Home-based businesses, courier services, caterers and retail businesses may also want a policy for protection against advertising and injury lawsuits.   


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