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Expert Strategies & Tips For Buying Dance Studio Insurance & Dance Instructor Insurance


Expert Strategies & Tips For Buying Dance Studio Insurance & Dance Instructor Insurance

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Buying dance studio insurance can be confusing, because there are multiple policies you really need to fully protect yourself. 

There are many different factors to consider when choosing a business insurance policies for your studio or if you need dance instructor insurance.  

Whether you have been in the industry for years or just starting up, some expert strategies and tips will make the process more accessible than ever before! 

In this article, we break down what types of insurance a dance studio and dance instructor may need. 

We will offer dance insurance strategies and helpful advice on how to get started with buying the perfect policy for your needs.

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What is Dance Studio Insurance?

Dance Studio Insurance is a type of business insurance covering personal injury liability, property damage or loss, and more. 

It includes general liability coverage for the studio owner's errors and omissions in handling dances, such as hiring instructors without proper training. 

Dance studios are often open late at night when they may not be safe to work alone, so it is important to make sure you have adequate protection with an appropriate policy limit.

Dance instructor insurance covers an instructor and their clientele should an accident occur. 

Should a Dance Studio Have Insurance?

Dance Studio Insurance is mandatory in some states.

This means that you must have insurance or be fined by the state if you cannot carry proper coverage for your business.

In addition, it can help protect against liability issues and other unforeseen circumstances such as theft of equipment from a studio.

One of the most important factors to consider when buying a policy is whether or not it includes protection for general liability.

General liability insurance covers personal injury, property damage, and more that can occur in your business, such as theft, vandalism, and fire.

Does a Dance Instructor Need Insurance?

We joke that the most dangerous business is the ones that target clients already prone to injury or accident... 

Let's face it, you have chosen a risky business, all your clients have 'Two Left Feet!'

But seriously, dance instructor insurance will protect you and your customers if something happens that results in injury or damage, like tripping over those feet and breaking a window or an arm! 

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Do I Need Dance Studio Insurance?

If you are a dance studio owner, the answer is yes! You need to make sure your business is protected.

Even if there have been no claims on your policy in years past does not mean that it will never happen. 

Be proactive and get coverage for your business before something happens so that you can sleep better at night, knowing everything could be taken if something were to go wrong.

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Best Dance Studio Insurance Companies

What Insurance Does a Dance Studio Need?

Dance Studio Insurance can cover many different things. The following types of policies are often included:

If you are looking for dance instructor insurance than a business owners policy may be more than is necessary. 

In most cases liability insurance for dance instructors should be enough for peace of mind. 

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Other Insurance Dance Studio May Consider?

Dance Studio Insurance can often include these types of coverage as well:

  • Professional liability insurance or PLL if the studio provides dance instruction and is liable for mistakes made by instructors such as injuries caused to students.
  • Worker's compensation covers medical expenses and lost wages in cases where an employee has been injured on the job.
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How Much Does Dance Insurance Cost?

Dance Studio Insurance costs can vary depending on the type of coverage needed.

For example, a general liability policy is typically less costly than an EPL or PLL. 

Also, larger dance studios with an increased risk may be charged more as they need to pay out higher limits to compensate victims.


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