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Expert Strategies & Tips For Buying Daycare Insurance


Expert Strategies & Tips For Buying Daycare Insurance & Child Care Insurance

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What Is Daycare Insurance? 

Daycare insurance or Child Care Insurance covers at-home daycare providers as well as commercial daycare centers.

This insurance gives financial coverage for accidents that happen while providing care for unrelated children. 

If you are interested in home daycare insurance requirements,  in many instances, companies can add child care coverage to your homeowner’s policy. 

Should a Home or Commercial Daycare Company Have Insurance? 

Anyone who provides daycare in their homes or a commercial center should have commercial liability insurance to provide financial protection if an accident happens on their property.

Individual states have varying policy requirements based on whether you have a home daycare or commercial child care business. 

daycare insurance

Operating Day Care will open you up to liability for both your property and personal accidents.

Medical expenses and property repairs are expensive.

Child care insurance coverage reduces the unpredictable out-of-pocket expenses for daycare providers when an accident happens. 

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Do I Need Child Care Insurance?

If you provide child care services in your home or if you own a daycare center, you need day care insurance.

Churches, schools, and other organizations that provide childcare on their properties also need daycare coverage. 

Daycare coverage protects you from lawsuits, medical expenses, and other accidental costs associated with running a child care center in your home, center, or organization. 

Employees who work at daycare centers do not need their own daycare policy coverage.

Their coverage comes from the company that employs them.

Some employees do choose umbrella policies for their personal liability, especially if they drive company vehicles. 

Best Daycare Insurance Companies

What Insurance Does a Day Care Company Need?

Childcare companies need several types of insurance, including property insurance and commercial liability insurance

If the daycare company provides transportation, they also need commercial auto liability

In most states, daycare centers need to show proof of insurance to receive their licenses.

States usually require child care insurance for liability, property, and premises.

Insurance for daycares provides financial coverage in case of accidents, thefts, natural disasters, and injuries.  

Unfortunately, abuse and molestations occur at Day Cares and having liability coverage to protect against legal and medical expenses to handle accusations of abuse toward children in your care. 

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Other Insurances Daycare Companies May Consider? 

Daycare companies might also consider umbrella policies that extend their liability and property coverage. Insurance policies generally have $1 million coverages.

Umbrella coverage adds more millions to the coverage, and it usually doesn’t cost much. 

daycare insurance

Daycare centers with employees should consider worker’s compensation insurance. 

WC day care insurance protects the owners and their employees if they are injured while on the job. 

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How much does Daycare Insurance Cost?

Daycare insurance cost for commercial property usually pay way more than $1000 annually for the standard insurance protections. 

Insurance companies customize policies based on the property, the number of children, and the number of employees the center has.

Daycare providers should talk to an insurance agent to get a quote for coverage.

The coverage should meet the basic needs covered in the licensing rules. 

how much does home daycare insurance cost

Home daycare  insurance cost with six or fewer children in their care usually pay between $250 and $500 annually for liability, abuse, and property coverage.


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