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Earthquake and Surface Water Flooding Insurance


Earthquake and Surface Water Flooding Insurance

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Your general business policy will not cover damage caused by natural disasters

Usually an inexpensive policy for peace of mind, just in case

What if your entire building disappeared tomorrow from a flood? 

Insurance for businesses does not cover damage from natural disasters, such as floods, earthquakes, or landslides.

Luckily there is commercial earthquake insurance to cover the damage that the earthquakes or water flooding may leave behind. 

earthquake insurance and Surface Water Flooding

What Is Earthquake and Surface Water Insurance and What Does It Cover?

  • Dwelling Portion: Covers damage to walls, concrete floors or slabs, storage sheds, detached garages, and other separate structures.
  • Personal Property Portion: Covers damage to TV, furniture, appliances, and valuables.
  • ALE Portion: Covers lodging and meals while your place is under construction. 

Earthquake insurance will cost more in high-risk areas. There are other factors that can also determine the amount of your premium. 

How old is your home? How many levels does your place have? Does your home consist of mostly wood?

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What kind of foundation do you have? Those are all questions you will most likely hear from an insurance agent. 

If an earthquake causes your property to flood, get a separate flood policy because earthquake insurance will not cover that.

earthquake insurance and Surface Water Flooding

Flood insurance covers water damage from earthquakes, hurricanes, and other natural disasters. 

If your sewer or drains are backing up due to an earthquake, flood insurance will cover that too.

What Types of Businesses Need Earthquake and Surface Water Flooding Insurance?

It is common knowledge that businesses on the west coast are the most vulnerable to earthquakes.

Truthfully, any business near fault lines has the highest need for earthquake and flood insurance. 

78% of the U.S. is affected in some way. Businesses that should consider this type of insurance are those that serve crowds.

Schools, churches, restaurants, offices, warehouses, hotels, apartment and condo buildings, and wholesale/retail companies are among those corporations that need coverage.


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