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Expert Strategies & Tips for Buying Esthetician Insurance


Expert Strategies & Tips for Buying Esthetician Insurance

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This article is a review of esthetician insurance policies an esthetician should buy and some ideas on how to handle the risk of being in close contact with customers on a daily basis.

Liability insurance for estheticians is special.  

The job of making a person’s skin beautiful carries unique risks.  It is a unique profession.

Esthetician Liability Insurance coverage will also need to be unique.

I handle insurance for businesses and various professionals.  I’ve been doing it for over 10 years and have worked with hundreds of different business owners.

Estheticians insurance is very complex.  This article is written as a general overview to help unravel some of the confusion. 

When buying Esthetician insurance, it is best to work directly with an agent who will be able to understand the unique risks each individual esthetician is facing.  

Expert Strategies and Tips When Considering Esthetician Insurance

If I were an esthetician looking to buy insurance, there are a few things I would do:

  1. Get at least three quotes.  The insurance market changes all the time.  Even if you shopped for insurance as recently as three years ago, the market conditions may have changed.  Getting three quotes will allow an esthetician the chance to get a good idea of how the insurance market views the risks associated with this business.

  1. Review the application and only sign it if the answers are 100% accurate.  Claims can be denied if an application is not accurate at the time it is signed.  

  1. Do some research on various types of esthetician insurance before you buy a policy.  If you are reading this article, you are already on your way to making an informed decision. Good job!

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What Basic Insurance Should a Start Up Esthetician Have?

If you are just starting out as a licensed esthetician, then you are probably working in someone else’s salon.  

They will probably have some insurance requirements for you, so be sure to ask about Aesthetician insurance before you sign on with a specific salon owner to rent a booth.

Professional Liability with coverage for Bodily Injury is the basic insurance coverage needed by a single esthetician. 

 This would provide you with the best chance at a covered claim for the majority of your work.  

Best Esthetician Insurance Companies

What Insurance Should an Established Esthetician Have?

Are you salon owner offering esthetician services? 

 If so, then you will just need to make sure you modify your statement of “professional services” on the application at renewal.  

This will make your Esthetician liability insurance provider aware of the change in risk that you are assuming by offering more skin care type treatments.

It is also recommended to add some additional coverage as an established salon owner who has decided to include liability insurance for estheticians services.

  1. Higher limits of Professional Liability.  The old $1,000,000 policy limit doesn’t go very far anymore.  You may need to add more coverage so if someone or multiple people sue you, you will have enough coverage.

Keep in mind, the cost to defend a lawsuit will come out of the same pot of money as the settlement, so a lengthy court battle can erode your policy limits to the point of having very little to pay out if the judge decides against you.

  1. Cyber Liability:  if you run your salon by computer, you are at risk of a cyber attack.  These have become more prevalent with the wide acceptance of crypto currency.  The cyber criminals now have a way to be paid without getting caught.  

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Common Types of Claims Filed By Aestheticians 

It's impossible to plan for unfortunate situations.  They just happen.  This is when insurance comes in.

As a skin treatment professional, you are in a one on one, semi-private setting with close contact.  

Bodily Injury is probably the Number One claim filed by an esthetician.  

Worn out equipment may fall on the face of a client, or the client may trip and fall while in your care.  

Reactions to a skin care product that causes burning or permanent scarring can also lead to a nasty court battle. 

These are just a few reasons why you need Aesthetician insurance.  

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