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Health Insurance Help – How to Find It?


Health Insurance Help - Everyone Needs It
Health Insurance Help – Everyone Needs It

If you are reading this article then probably you are looking for health insurance help. Buying health insurance is a complex exercise. Health insurance policies are riddled with technical terms. Health insurance companies do not want to pay 100% of your health care costs. So carriers include exclusions and out of pocket expenses. You must seek help before you buy health insurance. This article will tell you how to find health insurance help.

Getting Health Insurance Help

You should get help from many different sources before buying health insurance. Getting help will save you from many common pitfalls and future costs.

1. Involve Health Insurance Advisor

Insurance Advisor Offers Great Health Insurance Help
Insurance Advisor Offers Great Health Insurance Help

An insurance advisor will probably give you the best health insurance help and advice. Her stock in trade and knowledge will help you buy the best possible policy from the best carrier. Health insurance advisors also help you avoid common health insurance pitfalls like selecting too less or too much insurance. She will help you balance your monthly premium expense with the plan’s out of pocket expense. If you buy through an insurance advisor then you also get help during claims processing.

2. Carrier’s Helpline

Many health insurance buyers feel hesitant in talking to the carrier’s helpline number. The company’s agents are there to help customers. You should not think twice before picking up the phone and talking to a customer care rep. Before calling note down all your questions and doubts. Getting health insurance help from the horse’s mouth is a good idea, isn’t it?

3. State’s Insurance Department

Every state has a health insurance department. One of the things they do is maintain a lot of “how to” resources on their websites. You should go through these articles. This will increase your knowledge so that you will be able to ask precise and intelligent questions. State insurance departments also release a yearly rating of health insurance companies. Health insurance plans and carriers are rated on a number of parameters. Going through the rating document will also help you choose the right plan and the right insurer.

The best thing is that they also have a helpline number. You can also talk to a real human being and get help.

4. Family and Friends

Don’t ignore the collective knowledge of your family and friends finding health insurance help. Someone you know may be very knowledgeable or experienced. It’s always a good idea to chat up with family and friends before buying health insurance, especially if you are buying it for the first time.

5. Health Insurance Experts

Health insurance experts share their views and opinions through blogs and social media. Following someone who is an expert on your state’s health insurance landscape is a good idea. You can also ask them questions on twitter and Facebook or Google Plus page.

6. Getting Help With Obamacare

If you are planning to buy health insurance under Obamacare then there is lots of information available from Health Insurance Marketplace websites and helpline. Obamacare will simplify health insurance and make it better and more affordable. Learn before buying. You may be able to save a lot on premium.

7. Online Health Insurance Quote Websites

Online health insurance company websites rate health insurance carriers and plans. If you are planning to buy individual or family health insurance then generate an online quote. The quote comes with ratings of the plan. It also gives an overview of major out of pocket expenses. Online health insurance quote websites like ehealthinsurance.com and health.usnews.com are good sources for health insurance help.

8. Help With Paperwork

Obamacare will cut health insurance paperwork to filling a single form. But till then you may have to endure filling multiple forms. Health insurance agent/advisor is your best friend for help with forms. Engage one. Making a mistake is quite expensive.

9. Help With Claims Processing

If you purchased health insurance through an insurance broker then she should help you with the claims. If you purchased it online then possibly you are on your own. There are non profit organization which can help you with claims paperwork. But don’t count on too much help.

I hope you found this article informative. Please share your views in comments below.


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