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International or Global Travel Insurance


International or Global Travel Insurance

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International or Global Travel Insurance covers employees medical emergencies outside of the US

Business travel insurance 

Commercial travel insurance

International or Global travel insurance for businesses that have global employees. 

Coverage takes care of everything from health care expenses while out of the home country all the way to kidnapping and ransoms in some policies. 

Whether it is a health or injury related medical emergency many foreign countries need a guarantee of payment before providing anything more than life saving medical care. 

This type of business insurance doesn't affect many people but if you travel internationally, it is a must have. 

International or Global Travel Insurance

What Is International or Global Travel Insurance and What Does It Cover? 

International or global travel insurance is coverage for anything bad that might happen while you’re outside of your home country.

For example, it can help you cover the costs of a medical emergency that takes you to an international hospital where you have no health coverage. 

Also, it can help protect you from property theft, loss, or failure as you travel.

Imagine your smartphone gets stolen right as you leave the airport in Turkey.

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With travel insurance, you can make a claim and hopefully get a replacement phone or money to buy a new one. 

Further, travel insurance helps cover expenses brought on by flight delays or cancellations.

For example, your flight back to New York was canceled, and you have to stay in an expensive hotel while you wait for your new plane.

International or global travel insurance will pay for your hotel room and cover any food or other necessities you need during your delay. 

Comparison quotes are quick, easy, and free!

However, the benefits of travel insurance vary depending on which plan you buy.

Always do your research to see if the policy covers all or only some of the unexpected expenses you’re worried about. 

International or Global Travel Insurance

What Types of Business Need International or Global Travel Insurance? 

While every business needs insurance, not all businesses need travel insurance.

If your company sends employees abroad regularly, then travel insurance is an absolute necessity. 

Some countries require incoming workers to have travel insurance through their company.

Without it, they might not even be allowed in the country, let alone be able to work. 

However, if your company doesn't do any international travel, you might not need travel insurance coverage.


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