Is Hail Damage Covered By Car Insurance?

To cut the long story short, hail damage is usually covered by car insurance if you have a comprehensive cover. What is covered under comprehensive insurance and what is not varies from one company to another. If you want to know for sure the best way is to talk directly with the company or an insurance agent.

Most carriers cover hail damage as part of their comprehensive coverage but there may be exceptions. None of the auto insurance carrier websites I checked for this article have policy details. The only way to know what’s covered and what’s not is by talking to customer service or an agent.

is hail damage covered by car insurance?
is hail damage covered by car insurance?

Colorado, Wyoming, and Nebraska are the top three hail prone states. Together they are known as Hail Alley. You may also like to check the list of top 10 hail damage prone metro areas at Insurance Journal.

Let’s take a real example. Amarillo Texas is the most hail prone metro area. If you are buying comprehensive coverage from Progressive then it covers hail damage. Of course you will have to pay the deductible from your pocket.

I Have Basic Coverage. Will It Cover Hail Damage?

The short and sweet answer is no. Basic coverage does not cover hail damage. Basic coverage insures collision between automobiles only. Hence it will not cover hail damage. Personal Liability and Property Damage (commonly known as PLPD) does not cover hail damage. If you have purchased an auto insurance cover that only satisfies your state’s minimum requirement then you will not have hail damage coverage.

If you want this coverage then you should consider buying a comprehensive coverage. Don’t forget to talk with your insurer or insurance agent inclusions and exclusions before buying. You may also find this blog post on hail damage guide.

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  1. Hail storms can cause serious damage to your vehicle. Even just one hailstone can cause a major dent, or can break or crack windshields, mirrors, or headlight. With the right insurance, all of your hail damage can be repaired at no cost to you.

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