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Expert Strategies & Tips For Buying Janitorial Insurance


Expert Strategies & Tips For Buying Janitorial Insurance

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Janitorial insurance is not a type of business insurance many people think about, but it is crucial.

When you provide janitorial services, your employees will be coming in contact with chemicals that can cause them serious harm if they are not wearing the proper protective gear. 

Those same employees will be blamed and accused of theft for every item that goes missing or is misplaced in the building. 

For these reasons and numerous others, you should consider getting some form of cleaning company insurance. 

Janitorial Insurance

What is Janitorial Insurance?

In the event of an injury, cleaning company insurance will cover your employees' medical expenses and lost wages. 

Janitorial insurance is a general liability policy that covers can cover, damage to clients property, accidents, theft, injuries related to chemicals or other hazardous substances on the job site. 

It does not matter if you run a small business out of your home with only one employee or multiple locations with hundreds of employees; you will need workers compensation coverage for your employees. 

Janitors often come into contact with cleaning fluids such as bleach, which can cause severe burns when it gets in contact with skin or eyes (especially without adequate protection).

If someone comes into contact with these harmful liquids while working at your company office building, you would be liable for their hospital bills and time off the job.

Should a Janitorial Company Have Insurance?

Absolutely! While you may feel that your company is small, even if you only clean residential homes, you still need house cleaning insurance or maid insurance. 

Even with only one or two employees, this coverage is necessary for your employees' protection and to keep you from financial ruin if an accident does occur. 

Think about it, you work long days and nights, possibly seven days a week, you don't want to lose all the time and hard work to a foreseeable accident. Because janitorial accidents do happen and when they do, they can cost you everything financially unless you have basic business insurance

If you do not have janitorial insurance and one of your employees gets hurt on the job, it could cause you financial problems.

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Do I Need Janitorial Insurance?

Yes, janitorial insurance is necessary for your employees and business.

If you are a small company with only one or two people working in the office, then it may not seem like this coverage would be necessary because of its size. 

But if an incident occurs that injures one of your employees on-site, you'll need this insurance.

Best Janitorial Insurance Companies

What Insurance Does a Cleaning Service Need?

You will need general liability insurance, which covers damages your employees may cause on the job site.  

One good option to look into is the business owners policy which is a bundled service that protects your business property, workers and provides some general liability. 

Suppose you are the owner of a residential or commercial building and hire outside contractors for your cleaning services.

In that case, most will require bonding insurance for cleaning businesses that will insure liability coverage is in place. 

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What Other Insurance Should Janitorial Companies Consider?

In addition to liability insurance, you'll also want to consider purchasing business interruption insurance just in case something happens where your business stops for a temporary period of time. 

Another good cleaners insurance policy to consider is the mobile tools and equipment policy

Janitorial Insurance

The tools and equipment policy will cover your tools and equipment when they are not in your building from theft or damage. 

This is an often overlooked policy by janitorial companies but a backpack vacuum can cost you over $1,000, if you have floor equipment on site, that can cost you 5K - 25K, be sure that all of your tools and equipment are covered on site, off site and while driving between accounts. 

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How Much Does Janitorial Insurance Cost?

The cost of janitorial insurance usually depends on the company size, what type of equipment is available to help prevent injuries and how much liability coverage you want. 

For example, suppose your business has multiple locations with hundreds of employees.

In that case, it may make sense to purchase a more comprehensive policy that can provide enough coverage for all those people if something happens at one location.


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