California Health Insurance Companies – List of 82 Companies

California health insurance companies can be divided into three categories:

  • Companies providing only group health insurance coverage
  • Companies providing only individual health insurance coverage
  • Companies providing both individual and group health insurance coverage

The raw data (list of California Health Insurance Companies) is taken from California Department of Insurance website. While working on the raw data I found some inaccuracies which I have mentioned in the lists below.

Please note most of the companies below only sell health insurance.  Most do not sell car insurancehomeowners insurance, or business insurance.

California Health Insurance Companies Providing Only Group Health Insurance

There are 20 health insurance companies in California which offer only group health insurance. These companies are listed below in alphabetic order.

  1. Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America – Domicile of Minnesota, Life & Disability insurance company. Company website
  2. American Alternatives Insurance Corporation – Incorporated in the State of Delaware this is a Property and Casualty insurance company.
  3. Fidelity Life Association – Life and Disability insurance company. Fidelity Life Association is domicile of Illinois.
  4. Great-West Life & Annuity Insurance Company – It is an indirect, wholly owned subsidiary of Great-West LifeCo Inc. This insurance company operates in California as a Life & Disability Insurance company. The company provides employer sponsored retirement savings plans. I was not able to find website for this company. Its only presence on Internet is a page on parent company’s (Great-West LifeCo Inc) website. Great-West LifeCo itself is a part of Great-West Financial. California Department of Insurance website incorrectly mentions Cigna as the parent company. The department probably confused Great-West Life & Annuity Insurance company with Cigna (Great West Health). Great West Health’s website has moved.
  5. Great-West Life Assurance Company
  6. Group Ins. Trust of the CA Society of CPAs
  7. HCC Life Insurance Company
  8. HM Life Insurance Company
  9. Humana Life Insurance Company
  10. Kaiser Permanente Insurance Company
  11. Markel Insurance Company
  12. Nippon Life Insurance Company Of America
  13. Principal Life Insurance Company
  14. Seechange Health Insurance Company
  15. Sierra Health and Life Insurance Company, Inc
  16. Standard Security Life Insurance Company of New York
  17. Trustmark Life Insurance Company
  18. Union Security Insurance Company
  19. United Agriculture Employee Welfare Benefit Plan
  20. UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company

California Health Insurance Companies Providing Only Individual Health Insurance

There are 46 companies in California offering only individual health insurance.

  1. American General Life and Accident Insurance Company
  2. American National Life Insurance Company of Texas
  3. American Network Insurance Company
  4. American States Insurance Company
  5. Assurity Life Insurance Company
  6. AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company
  7. Banner Life Insurance Company
  8. Catholic Knights
  9. Celtic Insurance Company
  10. Central United Life Insurance Company
  11. Chesapeake Life Insurance Company (The)
  12. Cincinnati Life Insurance Company (The)
  13. Commercial Travelers Mutual Insurance Company
  14. Continental Assurance Company
  15. Continental Casualty Company
  16. General American Life Insurance Company
  17. Genworth Life and Annuity Insurance Company
  18. Golden Rule Insurance Company
  19. Illinios Mutual Life Insurance Company
  20. John Hancock Life Insurance Company
  21. Kanawha Insurance Company
  22. Knights of Columbus
  23. Liberty Mutual Insurance Company
  24. Lincoln National Life Insurance Company
  25. Massachusetts Casualty Insurance Company
  26. Mega Life and Health Insurance Company
  27. Mennonite Mutual Aid Association
  28. Metropolitan Life Insurance Company
  29. Mid-West National Life Insurance Company of Tennessee
  30. Monumental Life Insurance Company
  31. National Benefit Life Insurance Company
  32. Ohio National Life Insurance Company (The)
  33. Pacificare Life and Health Insurance Company
  34. Physicians Mutual Insurance Company
  35. Prudential Insurance Company of America
  36. Reassure America Life Insurance Company
  37. Security Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York
  38. Standard Insurance Company
  39. State Life Insurance Company (The)
  40. Thrivent Financial for Lutherans
  41. Transamerica Life Insurance Company
  42. Trustmark Insurance Company
  43. Union Labor Life Insurance Company
  44. United Teachers Associates Insurance Company
  45. West Coast Life Insurance Company

California Health Insurance Companies Providing Both Individual & Group Health Insurance

There are 17 companies in California offering both group and individual health insurance coverage. These are listed in alphabetic order.

  1. Aetna Life Insurance Company
  2. American National Insurance Company
  3. Anthem BC Life & Health Insurance Company
  4. Blue Shield of California Life & Health Insurance Company
  5. CIGNA Health and Life Insurance Company
  6. Connecticut General Life Insurance Company
  7. Guarantee Trust Life Insurance Company
  8. Guardian Life Insurance Company of America (The)
  9. Health Net Life Insurance Company
  10. John Alden Life Insurance company
  11. Mony Life Insurance Company
  12. Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company
  13. National Foundation Life Insurance Company
  14. New York Life Insurance Company
  15. State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company
  16. Time Insurance Company
  17. United States Life Insurance Company in the City of New York

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  1. Health insurance shloud be considered a human right as it is in every other western nation. When people are well they can properly participate in a society as contributors, workers, etc. When they are ill they cannot and they will be a drain on our resources one way or the other. Should we let people die because they have no money to afford health care? On the other hand, why shloud any corporation make big money on another person’s misfortune (ill health)? The health of no person shloud be dependent on his/her monetary resources. We shloud, however, be required to make payments for health insurance according to our income or ability to pay. It can only be completely free to those who have no resources.References :

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