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Pandemic Insurance


Pandemic Insurance

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Pandemic Insurance is actually a form of traveler's insurance

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Protects you against quarantine costs, flight delays or cancellations due to a pandemic

Pandemic insurance, in its current form, is a subsection of travel insurance.

This type of travel coverage wasn’t available to most people until recently, when travel insurance companies had to respond to the changes brought about by the pandemic. 

Pandemic insurance coverage helps cover quarantine costs, flight delays or cancellations, or contracting covid while abroad.

For example, if you’re flying to Tokyo and a new lockdown goes into place as you’re in the sky, pandemic insurance will help with your accommodation and food costs as you quarantine. 

Also, pandemic insurance will help with medical costs if you become ill with covid while traveling.

Business insurances are available for every eventuality and after 2020, this is one of those that you may want to bet could happen again. 

What Is Pandemic Insurance and What Does It Cover?

Regular travel insurance or travel health insurance will not cover pandemic-related illness unless specifically outlined in the policy plan. 

In addition to high-quality travel insurance, some airlines, like Etihad, automatically provide pandemic travel insurance with all of their flights.

This not only covers catching coronavirus during the flight but during your trip as well.

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If you have any plans to travel during the pandemic, you need to purchase pandemic health insurance.

Without it, you could be stuck in another country with huge medical bills or travel costs if something happens or you get sick.  

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Independent Insurance Agency:  You can buy insurance from an indendent agency but they represent other companies (typically several).  For example, an independent agent who works for Acme Insurance Agency might sell you an auto insurance policy insured by Travelers Insurance.

What Businesses Need Pandemic Insurance?

Essentially, if your business needs to use travel insurance these days, you also need pandemic insurance.

Traveling is much more risky now than in years past, and the chances that you or your employees need to quarantine are much higher. 

Also, the odds are greater that your flights get canceled, or your travel plans are interrupted in some way.

You need pandemic insurance to cover the extra costs brought on by these events. Travel insurance without pandemic coverage won’t help with these sorts of pandemic-related costs.  


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