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Terms of Use & Disclaimer

Thank you for coming here. We will try our best to present good information on a wide variety of insurance topics. But please don’t sue us. Insurance Dodo is not an insurance company. We’re also not lawyers, brokers, agents, doctors, or anyone else qualified to give professional advice. We try our best to be helpful, but take anything written here with a handful of salt.

Credit for the disclaimer wording to Fractured Atlas.

Privacy Policy

This site will not track you, ever. The site uses software developed by third parties. As per best of our knowledge these software also respect visitor privacy. You can mail your privacy concerns directly to my email id at support@insurancedodo.com.

Content & Advertising Policy

The content on this website is research driven and influence free. The mission of this blog is to offer content of such high quality that you can base your insurance purchase decision on them. If you are not happy with something written on this blog you may write to me.

Just like you I need money to pay my bills and mortgages. I have monetized this website using Google Adsense. I may also employ other monetization methods.

Not Related to Dodo Insurance

Insurancedodo.com is not related to Dodo Insurance.

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