July 1

United Healthcare Plans To Stop You From Going To The ER!


That’s right, this is not click bait, United Healthcare has a plan in place to stop its insured customers from using the Emergency Room.

United Healthcare, everyone’s health insurance provider that we all love to hate, has one upped themselves again, with their latest F U to their customers.

Man, United Healthcare Sucks

unc denies patients emergency room coverage

Wait until you hear the latest…

If you are a United Healthcare customer and considering they are the largest health insurance provider in the US, chances are really good that you are, your emergency room visits may not be covered.

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Why Would United Healthcare Not Cover My Emergency Room Visit?

To save money, silly. 

United Healthcare has decided that not every visit to the emergency room is an emergency in their eyes. 

So, if you visit the emergency room and United Healthcare reviews your claim and determines your visit was not an emergency, according to them, you may be denied coverage. 

In all honesty, if you really have to ask this question, you must be really new to UHC health insurance and maybe you should stop and read our United Health Care Review

How Does United Healthcare's New Emergency Room Policy Affect Me?

That is a great question because honestly, we don’t know, United Healthcare Insurance has only just recently announced this new policy change they are mulling over. 

They have not released any guidelines or examples of how emergency room claim reviews would be conducted or what types of visits would be deemed non-emergency. 

UHC has always encouraged Urgent Care vs Emergency Care as the costs are much less for the insurer and in most cases, if it is not an emergency, you get the treatment you need much quicker. 

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So, win-win... but what if the urgent care is closed and you are in agony? 

Can you still go to the emergency room? We'll find out soon, when United Healthcare releases the official policy. 

It Doesn’t Sound Like A Good Idea To Deny Emergency Room Coverage…

Industry experts feel the exact same way! 

By threatening to deny covering emergency room visits, it will definitely cut down on visits by their patients.

Understandably, emergency room visits are the most costly for any health insurance provider but by threatening to deny a claim will result in a lot of people not getting dire treatment that they need.

Unfortunately, it may also result in many unnecessary deaths, as stubborn folks with sudden dizziness, numb left arms, horrible throbbing headaches, all ignore serious health problem indicators to wait until they can go and see their family doctor, or just hope it goes away. 

Grin and bear it, as they say, which will result in many people not being treated before it is too late.

This is yet another horrible decision by the profits focused United Healthcare Insurance.

What Are My Options?

Run! Run far far away from your United Healthcare insurance policy and find an insurer with some compassion and one that cares a bit more about you and not your money. 

Check out one of our top health insurance providers in this article to get a free quote today. 


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