United Healthcare Insurance Review

United Healthcare Insurance Review

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Accepted by most medical providers.

Known for having long wait times and slow customer service.

Has a wide selection of plans to choose from and only sells individual health insurance plans in 15 states.

UnitedHealthcare is the largest health insurance company in the United States.

130 million people globally receive health insurance from United Healthcare.

In this article, you will learn all about United HealthCare Insurance and what you can expect if you choose to use them for health insurance.

If you are looking for the UnitedHealthcare playbook and information on how they operate, click this link to find their complete Administrative Guide.  

This guide instructs management personnel on how to handle everything from claim denials to checking fraud and abuse.  

This guide was published in 2017, so it may not be completely up to date.

Online Reviews of United HealthCare

There are a ton of bad reviews posted about UnitedHealthCare (aka UHC).  

Right here on this website, we have a review titled “Does United HealthCare Suck?”

That article has taken on a life of its own.  

Comments pour in daily from people who are fed up with the service and lack of empathy they have experienced in dealing with UnitedHealthCare.

A lot of the bad reviews have to do with their call center employees.  

Check out these reviews, posted on the job rating website, Indeed, to see what they say about working in a call center for UnitedHealthCare. 

When reading the bad reviews there is something to keep in mind:  

Our United HealthCare Insurance Review shows a massive company.  All big companies have a lot of employees.

Employees vary.  Some are awesome.  Some are horrible.  Most are somewhere in between.

This leads to people posting online about their bad experiences with the call centers.  

The call centers are apparently understaffed.  This makes for long wait times.

It also causes the call center operators to be very stressed out.  

The person you finally get on the phone is probably burned out by the time they get on the phone.

Think about it, does anyone really want to call their health insurance provider? When you do, is it because you are super happy and you just want to talk to them about your great experience?

No!  Everyone calls because something is not right and they need it fixed.

If I worked at a Unitedhealthcare Insurance call center, I would probably quit after two days.

This is something United HealthCare Insurance should think about.  Maybe they already know? I think it would be a good idea if UnitedHealthcare executives had to man the phones in a call center for a day.

This would give them perspective and maybe even fix the company’s biggest problem, which is their call center employee and the burnout.

How Big Is United Healthcare Insurance?

According to Wikipedia, United healthcare’s parent corporation, United health group, ranked 2nd in the US in terms of financial size, coming in at a whopping $257.1 Billion in 2020.  

Yes, that is $257,000,000,000..  A huge amount of revenue.

Investopedia reports that they service over 130 million people worldwide.  

They have a lot of customers in the United States and Brazil.  

What UHC Offers

The company offers a broad range of options and resources for its customers.

Because they are so big, UHC insurance is able to have relationships with most doctors offices and hospitals.  

This allows their customers to have a lot of options when it comes to healthcare providers.

They also have great online resources and apps, cutting-edge telehealth choices, and beneficial programs.

Top Choice of Large Employers  

United Healthcare insurance is the health insurance company chosen by many major employers.  

You may have UHC insurance because your company decided to use them for your benefits package.  

United Health Care is appealing to large employers because they offer a lot of different coverage package options.

This gives employees a lot of choices when it comes to their health insurance.  

Keep reading to get an in-depth look at our United Healthcare insurance review, its pros and cons, the costs, as well as the different plans available to you.

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UnitedHealthcare Insurance Plans 

UnitedHealthcare provides a range of plans and coverage options. 

You can get the best care that fits your financial situation. 

What follows is listing the company's health insurance plans and links for finding out more about them.

Individual and Family Plans

The Golden Rule Insurance Company, an affiliate of UnitedHealthcare, has a large network of clinics, doctors, and hospitals. Find out about plans in your region here.

United Healthcare Medicare and Medicaid Insurance

These government programs provide different services.

 A person may qualify only for one or for both. It's important to understand how each plan works to get the best medical services.

United HealthCare offers a wide array of Medicare plans.  These include:

  • Original Medicare:  (parts A & B):  this pays for hospital stays and regular doctor visits.
  • Part C:  This is a blend of parts A and B together.  This is also known as Medicare Advantage.
  • Part D:  Prescription Drug plans.  Most folks who qualify for Medicare take some prescription drugs and these plans vary in coverage and price.  Take extra care when selecting your plan.
  • Various plans to help you fill the gaps left by traditional Medicare.  These plans are knowns as “Medi-Gap” in the UnitedHealthCare world. 
Insurance Dodo Recommends Health Insurance

Tired of bad service at UHC?  Want to voice your opinion?  Looking for a better alternative?  Dodo can help! 

UHC Medi-Cal (California Low Income Health Insurance)

As of today, United Healthcare only offers its state subsidized program to residents of San Diego County.  

I guess all that sunshine and outdoor living keeps those San Diegans extra healthy.

United Healthcare Plans for the Self-employed

It can be difficult to find adequate health insurance when you don't have a sponsoring employer. 

For the freelancer, United Healthcare has a variety of plans that can fit any budget or requirements.

One nice thing about Obamacare is that health insurance premiums for the self employed are now 100% tax deductible.

Dual Eligible Special Needs Plans

These specialized health plans are for individuals who qualify for both Medicaid and Medicare. 

They include dental care, eye and hearing exams, and travel for medical-related activities.

Children's Health Insurance Program

The Children's Health Insurance Program provides low- to no-cost coverage for infants, children, and teens. 

Each state has its program, and rules may vary.

Other Insurance Coverage

UnitedHealthcare looks at healthcare from all angles.

 There's the option to find almost any coverage that fits into your lifestyle. Here are additional plans the company has.

United Healthcare Providers 

Because they are the largest health insurance company in the United States, a lot of doctors and hospitals are set up to take United Healthcare.

You have the opportunity to get available provider information in your area, as well as locate a network doctor, dentist, hospital, or urgent care clinic.

There are resources for choosing a doctor, health plan tools, and more here.

UHC Mental Health Providers

United Healthcare has Live and Work Well. 

The Live and Work Well website can connect you to a psychiatrist, therapist, or other behavioral health professionals. 

You also get the chance to take advantage of the Work-Life or Wellness and Employee Assistance Program and telehealth services.

UHC and The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare)

Obamacare was the main reason United Health Care was forced to exit the individual market in some states.  

United Health Care Insurance now only sells individual plans in 15 ACA state exchanges.  

Also known as “Obamacare”, the Affordable Care Act requires all adults to carry some kind of health insurance.

This law also pays part of the premium for low income earners, so they can afford to buy insurance.  


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Another part of the law denies health insurance companies the right to decline to sell someone insurance due to any pre-existing conditions.  

This sounds great, but it's actually a defect in the design of Obamacare.  

It does not allow insurance companies to deny coverage to someone because they have a pre-existing condition.  

The only way a health insurance company can stay profitable is by insuring mostly healthy people.

They use the premiums paid by everyone to offset the huge cost of covering the medical expenses of someone when they are in a car accident or get cancer.  

If they are forced to pay too many claims all the time, they will go bankrupt.

United Health care insurance is definitely a for profit company.

  If the only people who buy their policies are sick all the time, they will go out of business.  

According to the Affordable Care Act, insurance companies can opt out of selling policies in certain areas or states.   

So now, when health insurance companies can’t make a profit on customers in a certain region, they now must exit the region entirely.

So instead of operating as a free market, the health insurance business is completely altered by the ACA.

Dodo Definitions

Insurance Term Explained:

“Coverage Territory” is the area in which an insurance company sells policies.  It can be an entire state, a county, or even just a zip code area.

This is why you may not see UHC offering individual plans in your area.

Obamacare actually reduced the amount of competition in many states, including California.  

Last I checked, a lot of competition only improved the consumer’s chances of getting the best possible product.

In this case, the product is health insurance.  

Affordable Care Act Plans (Obamacare)

If you're in the market for reliable and affordable coverage options, these federally supported plans come in three levels, bronze, silver, and gold.

Note that United Healthcare does not individual plans in all states or regions.  

Why United Healthcare Won’t Sell Insurance in My Area?

United Health care insurance, aka UHC, uses big data to price their insurance.  

They probably know more about you than you do.  

Health insurance is a competitive business and UHC wants to make money, to do this they have to offer the best possible coverage at the lowest possible price.  

Because health insurance is regulated by Obamacare, they can’t deny coverage to people for pre-existing conditions.

The only way they can avoid selling insurance to someone is to avoid that state or zip code area entirely.

So you would need to be a part of a group in order to access United Healthcare in California.  

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How is Optum Healthcare Connected to United Healthcare?


UnitedHealth Group (parent company of United Healthcare Insurance), also owns Optum.

Optum is the name of the network of healthcare providers owned by UnitedHealth Group.

They have been buying hospitals and doctors offices throughout the country for the past 10 years. 

By operating as the health insurance payor and the medical provider, they are able to cut costs. 

They can cut costs by streamlining the way information and payments are handled between the doctor’s office and the insurance company.

United Healthcare Insurance Review

UnitedHealthGroup’s goal is to provide quality medical care at the lowest possible cost to the medical insurance provider.

Whether or not they meet that goal is another question.

According to this recent article that appeared on the news website Bloomberg, Optum Healthcare now is the largest single employer of doctors in the United States.  

They are basically copying the Kaiser Permanente model by combining the health insurance company with the health insurance provider.

This is a more “efficient” way for them to process patients.  They can control costs and payments between the organizations.

Whether or not it's good for you and I is debatable.

Optum is a technology- and information-enabled health service provider.

In other words, they use technology to share patient information more easily.

This allows them to be more efficient.  Efficiency creates cost savings.  

The American healthcare industry needs more efficiency.  So this is actually a good thing.  

Health Insurance Providers Optum will Accept

Optum obviously accepts United Healthcare insurance.  But they also accept quite a few other health insurance policies.

These include various PPO’s and HMO’s offered by the following companies:

PPO’s Accepted By Optum:

HMO's Accepted By Optum:

  • Aetna
  • Anthem Blue Cross
  • Blue Shield
  • Cal Optima Medi-Cal
  • Cigna
  • Health Net
  • Sharp Health

How is BriovaRx Connected to United Health Care Insurance?  

BriovaRx is a specialty pharmacy, that was acquired by United Health Care Insurance in 2015.  

It is a part of the Optum Healthcare family of companies.  

You can set up automatic delivery of your prescription meds with Briova and they have pharmacists available by phone 24/7.

They may have better pricing than your local pharmacy and if you live in a rural area, the delivery service might be a good choice for you.

If you are going with UHC for your health insurance, definetely look into BriovaRx as a possible cost saving alternative to your current pharmacy.

  • Has over 18 million policyholders
  • Provides benefits through employers in all 50 states with four international markets
  • Has a network of 470,000 primary care doctors and physicians
  • Access to 4,500 hospitals
  • "A" rating from A.M. Best (financial strength rating)
  • Overall, plans are more expensive than other health insurance providers
  • Negative reviews frequently mention customer service and coverage issues
  • Poor Communication: they don't explain important details like specialty care

What UnitedHealthCare is Good At:

Wide Selection of Partners

UHC is the largest medical insurer in the country, so you will have no trouble finding a general practice doctor or specialist to take your insurance.

United HealthCare Rewards Program

Health people help Unitedhealthcare stay profitable. 

If you are healthy, you probably only go to the doctor once a year.

Healthy people are active and usually take steps to stay healthy.

As we age, regular exercise if vital to your health.  

UnitedHealthCare wants to encourage this behavior, so they have a rewards program.

You can use this link to find a fitness studio in your area associated with UHC.

You can get low cost or no cost gym memberships if you are a Medicare recipient and use UnitedHealthCare for your supplemental plan.


UnitedHealthcare strives to return scalable, innovative solutions for managing well-being.

 They modernize the system, creating alignment, consistency, and productivity.

 The company invests in ideas and partnerships used to design strategies that significantly impact digital health solutions and, in turn, health care.

United Healthcare Data Breach

In 2020, United Healthcare suffered a huge data breach.  Thousands of people had their data stolen.  This included everything someone would need to steal your identity.  

Hopefully, your data wasn’t held by United Healthcare at that time and you are only reading this article because you are trying to decide whether or not to go with UHC.

Personally, I think that data breach would be to the benefit to future customers.  

It was probably a wake up call for the United Healthcare executives.  

Their data protection measures are probably way better now than they were before that breach.

So you can rest with some confidence knowing your data is more secure now with UHC than it was pre-breach in 2019.

A Review of United Healthcare Insurance Costs

Costs for insurance can vary based on a variety of criteria. 

United Health care gives members access to an online plan shopper.

UnitedHealthcare has many online resources for learning about health plans. You can contact them here or review their FAQ page.

 Depending on where you live, the services and costs available may vary. 

Prepackaged bundles are also available, but again, they vary by geographical area and other factors (such as your gender, age, and whether you're a smoker).

 One example for a single male in Illinois is $94.54 per month for a Hospital & Doctor bundle that includes Primary Dental. 

For the same individual plus a spouse, the bundle would cost an estimated $215.83. 

A family of four (two spouses plus two children) could choose from bundles starting at $365.12 per month.

Produce a sound snapshot of the best opportunities.

Here are a few tips for figuring out how much insurance will cost:

  • Compare plans for their benefits that work best for you.
  • Take a careful look at you and your family's medical needs.
  • You can't forsee the type of medical care you may need. Explore as comprehensive a plan as possible that fits within your budget.
  • Look at the type of treatment received in the past and amounts spent.
  • Compare networks as well as out-of-pocket expenses.
  • Perform due diligence on local doctors in the networks.


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Finding Good Doctors Who Accept UHC

Finding a quality primary care doctor is really important.

They need to get along well with you, be close to home, and above all else, take your insurance.

There are quite a few offices that take United HealthCare.

You can research doctors near you by using these websites:

Of course you can also search your state’s medical board for complaints.  

This is probably the best first step you can take when researching a potential new doctor.  

United Healthcare Insurance Reviews and Ratings

Here are customer comments about UnitedHealthcare, good and bad.

Donald of Las Vegas, NV

"I've been with United Health Care for quite some time, I only use it as a backup insurance for when I can't be seen by the VA. United healthcare has taken care of me when I needed them to, although my primary insurance is the VA, I still use United healthcare somewhat, they do a good job providing me with good healthcare. I feel pretty comfortable with United healthcare as my secondary insurance."

IntlJumper, Reddit.com

"I have them. I have a PPO plan and it is ok. Our plan has individual $3000, family $6000 max out of pocket...best plan my company offers. My wife's bills were over $75k last year, we just paid $3000. After she hit $3000, it was covered 100%. Your milage may very, but overall we have had good experiences. It is accepted just about everywhere."

Sheniya M, Better Business Bureau

"I started a policy to cover lapse in coverage for 1 month while I was waiting on open enrollment through my school. So....I sent in a request to cancel my policy on Jan 22. I was told that my policy had already cancelled due to a missed payment in Dec. So, I looked at my account and it showed a missed payment in both December and January. So, I'm thinking there's nothing else required of me because my policy should definitely be cancelled. Then on Feb. 4th I'm billed for both January and February. So I canceled my card at that time and I requested a refund. Then the customer service rep says they will only refund one month because my policy is broken down into 3 different policies and my request only covered one policy. That's seems like some sort of racket; I paid $104 a month for healthcare. I was not aware that it broken down across 3 separate policies. I'm requesting a refund for both payments because I requested cancellation in January."

To find out more about UnitedHealthcare, it’s wise to visit their BBB page.

Alternative Healthcare Insurers: Humana vs. UnitedHealthcare

UnitedHealthcare and Humana are highly rated insurance providers. 

This article wants to provide thorough information about UnitedHealthcare and choosing the best services. In that regard, we offer this comparison.


United Health care


  • Robust benefits and health plans
  • Has plans for individuals and families that are not eligible for Medicaid or Medicare
  • Mobile app ensures consumers can stay on top of their accounts
  • UnitedHealthcare is available in all 50 states
  • Humana Health Insurance is a reliable and trusted resource for Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplements
  • Humana has top-tier commercial health insurance opportunities


United Health care


  • Plans are more expensive than other health insurance providers
  • The company no longer has individual or family health plans

Both providers have prescription drugs, Medicare Advantage, and Medicare supplement plans. UnitedHealth stands out thanks to its AARP partnership. 

Humana has several Medicare Advantage plans and SNPs for patients with eligible chronic illnesses. 

There's the possibility of a Silver Sneakers gym membership with the company's Medicare Advantage plan. 

The range in Humana plan structures streamlines finding a solid plan. 

As plans vary across regions, it's best to work directly with the company to find available options.

UnitedHealthcare is almost secretive about its plans. 

To get specific information, you have to contact the company directly or enter a zip code on the website. Humana makes getting information easier. 

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A perk of UnitedHealthcare's Medicare Advantage is a membership with Renew Active. 

There are also monetary rewards for staying active and healthy, as well as a brain health app.

To get a better idea of whether Humana or UnitedHealthcare works best for you, look at the plans in your area.


Based on our United Health care insurance review, we've determined that they dedicate themselves to health care.

 They provide access to over 243,000 mental health providers, provide great options in short-term insurance, and much, much more.

 The company is a testament to the development of effective and progressive health care. 

Whether you need dental help or care for the family, the need to serve won't be greater than what to expect from UnitedHealthcare.

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