Does United Healthcare Suck? Bad Service & Complaints

2021 Update: This article was written six years ago out of personal frustration with how much United Healthcare Sucks

Over those six years, we have collected 100's of horror stories below in our comments section. 

If you have had a SUCKY experience with United Healthcare, please share it in the comments below. 

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Top 3 United Healthcare Sucks 

(From Comment Section At End Of Article) 

  1. 1
    I had a major car accident and was rushed to the ER to save my life. UHC is refusing to pay for many of the life saving procedures because the hospital didn't get prior authorization. 
  2. 2
    I had to call for 8 days straight before speaking to a person in customer service.
  3. 3
    I paid my medical insurance premium for 4 years before I ever needed to use my insurance. When the doctor turned in my claim UHC denied I was a customer and never paid. 

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Helpful United Healthcare Customer Service Numbers

(If you get a good number not in this article, please share in the comments below)

UHC Main Number (policy/payment questions) - 1-800-882-5981

General Customer Service - 1-866-414-1959

Address/Demographic Changes - 1-877-842-3210

Health Insurance Plans (through your employer) - 1-866-414-1959

Technical Issues - 1-877-844-4999

Short Term Insurance - 1-800-657-8205

Expatriate - 1-877-844-4999

Cancel UHC Insurance (member services) - 1-800-926-7602

United Healthcare AARP - 1-888-687-2277

Medicare Advantage (non-customers) - 1-877-596-3258

Website Technical Support - 1-800-721-0627

UnitedHealthCare Oxford Members - 1-800-444-6222

New Accounts - 1-844-202-5552

Why United Healthcare Sucks...

United Healthcare is the largest health insurance carrier in the United States.

They sell the following types of plans:

  • Family health insurance
  • Affordable Care Act (ACA) plans
  • Medicare and Medicaid
  • Dual Eligible Special Needs Plans
  • and Children's Health Insurance Programs

They do not sell car insurance, homeowners insurance, or business insurance.

In 2020 United Healthcare generated a revenue of $257 billion. So the question is with this sort of revenue, why does United Healthcare have such bad ratings?

United Healthcare Reviews Are Overwhelmingly Negative

Multiple Names

As a consumer you may not even know that you are with United Health Group. UHG is the big daddy of UHC. It also owns companies like Oxford, PacifiCare, IBA, AmeriChoice, Evercare, Ovations, MAMSI etc.

United Healthcare Receives Fair Ratings in California - Consumers Think The Company Sucks?

Complaints All Over

38% of reviews on Consumer Affairs are 1 or 2 Star (lowest satisfaction ratings). That's 279 out of 740 ratings in the past year as very negative.  Out of 740 ratings, 153 ratings are five-star ratings (21%). Obviously United Healthcare sucks on The story is similar on Yelp. There are 179 Yelp reviews and almost all are one-star ratings.  They have an average rating there of 1 star.

Consumers are also posting their complaints against the company on

Physicians Think United Healthcare Sucks

So you want to dismiss the earlier points as rants. But wait! Even the physicians think that United Healthcare Sucks. United Healthcare has been rated the lowest for four years in a row by physicians. As per MGMA survey in which 800 medical professionals participated the company has been rated the lowest for the following questions.

  • What is your overall current satisfaction with the payer? Lowest Score of 2.77/5.
  • How has the payer's overall performance changed during the past six months? Lowest score of 2.73
  • How satisfied are you with the amount of time it takes the payer to respond toyour questions? Lowest score of 2.60/5.
  • How satisfied are you with the accuracy and consistency of the payer's responses toyour questions? Lowest score of 2.69/5.
  • How satisfied are you that the payer conducts 2-way, good-faith negotiations during thecontracting process? Lowest score of 2.38/5.
  • How satisfied are you that the payer fully discloses its payment policies? Lowest score of 2.76/5.
  • How satisfied are you with the claims appeals process? Lowest score of 2.48/5.

United Healthcare managed the lowest rating in seven out of thirteen questions. The company did not receive the top rating for any question.

Customers Say Nay

Survey of PPO consumers in California paints a poor picture of the company. It seems the company is number one only in terms of premium collected. Their customers in California have rated the company as "Fair" (2 out of 4) for getting easy care and getting answers from the company.

United Healthcare Receives Fair Ratings in California

Alternatives To UnitedHealth Care

So here we are, we all agree that United Healthcare Sucks but what is the answer? 

Honestly, every health insurance company we review we find horrifying reviews but usually not on the scale of United Healthcare. 

It's a tough industry with simple everyday miscommunications that lead to people ending up hurt or even dead. 

We want want what everyone else wants, our insurance to do what it is supposed to do, pay for us to be treated medically. 

One company you may want to consider is Kaiser Permanente Health Insurance if it is available in your state. 

We have seen mixed reviews on Blue Cross Blue Shield but they do seem a step up from UHC. 


From the evidence I have presented, it is obvious that United Healthcare Sucks. The question is how much? To know that you may have to buy a policy with them. But will you?

86 thoughts on “Does United Healthcare Suck? Bad Service & Complaints”

  1. They wouldn’t cover my skin cancer diagnosis by two local dermatologists with a lot of experience in their fields. My Drs also were confused as to why the insurance company wouldn’t cover a cancer diagnosis.

  2. Their customer service sucks. I think their phone voice actuated system is deliberately set up to confuse, delay and confound people. Whomever is responsible for business processes should be fired. Their staff is not trained and the corporate culture is clearly devoid of any consideration for customer service. They just totally suck in every way and it certainly seems like it is by deliberate design.

    1. tommie campbell

      Their customer service not only sucks – it is worse than shit! I regret the day I signed on with with united health care I was lied to by the agent and I cannot get the information I need through customer (torture)

      1. United Health care customer service is the most aggravating process I’ve ever had to go through. I just saw another complaint about this. What they said was true. I believe that they do deliberately switch you around to confuse,& hold up the paying of any claims. I worked customer service for years. You would think when a rep puts in your member number everyone at UHC could see everything that was said & done. I’m so mad & frustrated I can’t see straight! I will be canceling my insurance with them. What a joke!

        1. Totally agree after 4 hrs on phone still didn’t get an answer.
          4 hrs and 7 service reps. Then we got
          Disconnected. Sure.
          No one called me back.

    2. I agree with you totally. Put in for a coverage request. Spent over 2 hours on the phone with several customer service people-none of them know what they were doing.. Had to call back several times-voice actuated system sends you to the wrong place every time. Put in request for coverage over 1 month ago. called to find out what was happening only to be told that the person I had worked with last never filled in or sent in paperwork for approval!!! I’m so angry!!

    3. Number On Back of card Dialed UHC transfers to ANOTHER phone number away from customer service in Florida Never reaching the PLAN REROUTED self servicing the plan.

  3. This company has no empathy for my mom who was very sick ! They are rude and their customer
    service agents give out the wrong information put you on hold forever, then past you from one department to other department. At the end of the transfers they tell you they cant help you!!!
    What I cant hear you!!! You just had me on hold for over an hour and you can’t WHATTTTTT!!!
    The worst company to deal with the old and sick !!! Shame on this company!!! If you can stay far away !!!

  4. United healthcare sucks. Called 3 times to get proof of insurance spent a good 3 hours on the phone. Still no proof of insurance. a bunch of morons idiots and asses wrapped into one.

  5. I think the entire insurance industry is the problem not just one insurance company so what we need is a lemon law for insurance companies and policies that way you can throw it back if it is useless or they turn out to be full of you know what after 60 days. You can return just about everything else why can’t we simply get rid of insurance that does not work or maybe just sue them clean out UH and fire these people ourselves just need to figure out who the heck knows how to run an insurance company and find a lawyer you can sue a doctor for screwing up so it’s possible to sue an insurance company then hostile take over just sue for all of its assets or act like you might just be able to find a lawyer then just sue them the amount of your claim that they denied if the judge says you can have the money then you can have the money then if they cancel your policy then just complain to insurance commisioner and then add your money to the pan to pay the lawyer that will sue them out of existance. We know they are fooling around with the language it’s impossible to pass a law against obfascation but we might want to advocate an insurance lemon law I’m probably crazier than anyone who posts here regularly and sure am paranoid so you make your best guess and hopefully it’ll work out in your favor. I’ve been trying to get my account activated but don’t know how to do that stuff tried to deal with it I don’t do well at all with sudden things loud noises extra steps they scare me alot. What is it you believe is true?

  6. Terrible! They run you around in endless circles. Every time you call about prior authorization they tell you something different and you have to go through hoop after hoop. They suck. Never get anything completed!

  7. United Healthcare used to be decent. But ever since Obamacare rolled out, UHC has gotten worse every year. They have also continued to raise premiums yearly in the amount of 25% every year just prior to Obamacare rollout and every year there after. We are on the phone with them right now trying to get a prior authorization for a blood thinner my wife needs. We did the same thing last month and all UHC can tell us today is that the doctor did not send the prior authorization to the pharmacy. Seriously? The same process that worked last month that should have been in effect this month is not working? What we have here is a case of the kettle calling the pot black. The UHC staff appears to be poorly trained as they keep people on hold for several minutes while “trying to resolve the situation” and playing very irratable music for their on hold system. The whole thing is designed so that the consumer will get fed up and not fight for their rights. Well guess what Daddy O? Its game on. I am retired and have nothing but time. Round 1 starting now…

    1. Been trying to get my xanax filled and the company rep said you are no covered for this medicine. My health contract clearly states that I am covered. Do not know what to due.
      Can I sue them. Have two days of mess left.

  8. They told me I HAD to pay for Part D for prescriptions and penalized me for not signing up 1/1/16. I told them I do not take any prescriptions at this point (knock on wood) and asked why I have to pay them $600.+ a year for something I do not use? Answer: You have to its a law. Well I found out its only a law with them. Going to look around to find another provider.

    1. Actually it is a Medicare requirement that you have a prescription drug plan even if you are not on any medication. And Medicare is the one that penalizes with a life time rate increase. Same if you don’t sign up for Medicare Part B when you are eligible. Read the fine print.

  9. You need referrals for every single appointment with a specialist, whether for getting your hearing checked with an audiologist or meeting with a ENT regarding snoring. Just ridiculous! Worse of all, the co-pay, with the physician who writes up the referral, doesn’t cover the whole cost, and you get a bill for that “referral” appointment costing 2x more than the co-pay of $25.

    I’ll be going back to Blue Cross next open season.

  10. Oh!… also, my wife is still waiting for her personal ID card, which I’ve called and asked for twice. Nothing in the mail and it’s been weeks… and it’s practically 4 months into the year.

    1. They are a joke yes I contacted a legel lawyer No customer/ member should be given lies and lack of training no OTC card people should be told truth and united health care should be more caring . It’s like UnitedHealth Care won’t allow anyone to use there OTC card at wallgreens on the plan UnitedHealth care complete, I moved to complete choice. Otc card still has not came, Today an OTC card came called the number the car is all ready active not so for a card that has to be activate, I had to remind them what a team effort is about and how related issue must be handled properly, There phone menu is stuiped, We must stand and demand answers and be people of change, firstline medical sucks Stay clear of,, there products suck, I’m beyond upset and will fight for truth no more 3rd party company’s, it’s like a game switch you here and there I tell them nope it’s there responsible to work properly with there customer’s

  11. Alford Kinsey

    Me TOOOO !!!! Every thing I HAVE READ HERE I HAVE ALSO EXPERIENCED .Retired with the state of Texas in December of 2015, this is the best the Teachers retirement of Texas can do for the employees and retires for Insurance?UHC can find all kinds of reasons to not pay or help you in any way! Katz Heitmann could not be more correct!!!!!

  12. Jim Chevalley

    Their costs are out of sight. With Humana I could add my wife for 77 dollars a month. UHC they want 499! They only refill prescriptions on a 30 day no 90. and cost is higher than Humana. So far very unhappy with UHC

  13. Just switched to Anthem. United Healthcare sucks in every way. They are the most expensive company we ever dealt with. Out out-of-pocket prescription copays cost us over $210 monthly. $400 a month premiums. Now with Anthem $330 premiums and only $87 a month drug copays.

  14. United Health Care simply sucks. They don’t even cover for Annul Check up, to hell with other checks up or diagnostics. Just avoid this company if you are in real need of insurance even if it is through your employer. There are better ones at

    On a side note, Anthem BCBS is the best of all the insurance companies I have been with.

  15. I agree! They suck! I just got a letter telling me that they will not cover a crown for a dental implant that I already have bc “the crown is not necessary”. And the next letter was even better…They are not going to cover the implant, which was already done months ago and paid for by them.
    IDIOTS! My blood pressure goes up every time I get on the phone with them.

    1. They look for every reason not to cover…my dental xrays sent by dentist to them were “too fuzzy”, for example. Delay tactics every claim?

  16. I truly believe this company instructs it’s phone agents to say no just to see if people eat the cost. Every time I call it’s a different story, and I get passed around from person to person. I have followed every hoop they want, and there is always a new hoop. This last time, after the agent literally told me that they don’t have to state certain things in their rules because people should know or assume, I wound up reading them their own rules which turned out to totally negate what the agent was telling me.

  17. Very poor customer skills. United Healthcare will steer you in circles to refill prescription. I am moving on. Next insurance company may do the same. However United Healthcare can kiss my fucking ass. Hell the already fucked me there when I bent over to refill my doctor ordered medicine.


    these people are totally inept incompetent and plain STUPID!!I have had trouble getting a refill for an existing prescription refilled even though I had six existing refills still left.i had to call them twice,the pharmacy twice and my drs office twice to get this problem resolved.I hope it doesnt happen again when i need to get another med refilled.Also they have totally screwed me by making asure a valid ct scan my cardiologist had ordered wouldnt be done at two different facilites that are not hospitals because they get bigger kickbacks from hospitals than facilities than do ct scans.I had twice had this test scheduled this week and both times had the test cancelled the day of the test and wasnt informed of this until i got there.there is a marvelous invention called a telephone and these dingbats couldnt even be bothered to call me.i had two days of valuable time wasted

  19. I was told by a dentist that I needed to replace my existing bridge. We sent in a pre authorization and it got denied. They said that was cosmetic and the only thing they would cover would be a extrusion and a partial denture. I don’t want no front teeth for the rest of my life.

  20. Approved my sleep study then turned around a week later and denied it, apparently it’s not life threatening, I found out the night I showed up for the study. Also previously denied MRI for rotator cuff injury and s stress test. Who needs these clowns? It’s like we don’t even have insurance. Then I find out the CEO is getting paid 32 million, weren’t these HMO’s supposed to streamline the process and make healthcare more affordable? Who are they kidding?

  21. They are the worst. They said I need a referral to see my obgyn. Then they said the genetic testing was not necessary on the baby even though a disorder runs in my family, now they went cover my birth control. Horrible horrible insurance.

  22. United Health Care SUCKS !! Worst gaggle of pirates ever, my wife and I are perfectly healthy and pay $1,200.00 per month for coverage we can’t use. During the course of 5 years, we have paid in $ 72,000.00 and for that we got five physicals each, so ten physicals at lets say $ 300.00 each would be $ 3,000.00 so they are $ 69,000.00 ahead of the game, so when I try to call them about a $65.00 per month prescription that I now need that is not covered, they keep passing you off to another rep. until you get disconnected. When you do get to speak to someone, you can tell its some shlep that is reading off a Q card. Nothing is ever covered, but they want you to send in your monthly premium, F.O. United Health Care !!

  23. UnitedHealthcare SUCKS since they refuse to pay for dexcom! Medicare even won’t cover it. I have type 1 diabetes for 50 years. UHC/Medicare is the WORST!

  24. Thomas Gaines Jr

    I totally agree. I am a provider who has been cheated (screwed) multiple times by United Healthcare, due to their giving totally bogus reasons (and outright lies) to deny legitimate claims. I will no longer knowingly accept patients from this POS company (who pays its CEO 7 figures, probably to figure out more ways of cheating people).

  25. James Matters

    They lie.
    They cheat.
    They Steal.
    They drag out claims for months until you just get tired of fighting.
    You can’t beat them.
    You always lose, even if you win.

  26. UHC will not cover you in any way!!! Companies need to do their research on this piece of shit for an insurance company before using them to cover their employees. They do NOT pay, but you definitely will!! Companies, get rid of these rip off insurance companies!!! You are putting your employees at risk. STOP being petty and cheap. Grow yourself a heart!

  27. Pharmaceutical & Preauthorization’s
    Takes your Premiums & Kick you right in the Berries.

    I have never had so much frustration from an insurance company trying to get my medications, the preauthorization process which has already taken 4 weeks because they continually request one more thing from the doctors over & over. Then after you have the preauthorization’s & go to fill your medications they deny the preauthorization number that they just issued you & tell you that they need to reevaluate the previous authorizations as a whole & your doctor now needs to make a direct call & provide the same information in order for United to issue a new preauthorization for the already preauthorized medications; have I lost you yet? Ya me too, as well as my Doctor being frustrated with United (they are now evaluating whether to accept new patents covered through United due to this garbage), my Pharmacy has had it with them, all have said they have never had so much problem with an insurance company. We are now going on two months in this review process for medications that I have been on for 10 years, something is wrong with their system. I don’t have enemies but you know how they say “I would not wish them on my worst enemy” I would have to wish them on themselves. I was once on Medicaid & in my humble option these guys are 10 times worse, I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THEM & would advise you to RUN THE OTHER WAY!!! JR Giles

  28. United healthcare SUCKS . Deductibles are to expensive, and premiums are to high. MEDICARE FOR ALL BERNIE 2020

  29. They’re so bad that I would consider it a deal breaker for any prospective employment opportunity. I won’t even go on an interview if their health benefits are United Healthcare. Too many medical services won’t accept this crappy insurance and they deny a lot of basic coverage. UNITED HEALTHCARE SUCKS

  30. Horrible, and there is nothing can be done by us!!!!!!! United Healthcare sucks!!!!
    They are part of healthcare scam in this country .
    I had ultra sound done , and even it is not listed under radiology services which there is copayment of $200, they say it is special imaging or whatever they call it. Sent me bill.
    They listed all of most common radiology services , including CT , MRI , PET , but not ultra sound , most common procedure I am sure .
    They told me that they have so many scanning procedures , they can not fit them all in booklet provided by them!!!. Unfortunately, it became worse throughout years as this same procedure was covered some year ago. :(:(:( . So sad for hard working people paying this crap for yourself and others!

  31. I despise United Health Care. I’ve had 7 prescriptions in a row denied. These were NOT controlled substances. Then the consumer must go through an act of Congress to jump through hoops to obtain the needed prescription!!!

  32. I despise United Health Care!!! I’ve had 7 prescriptions denied in a row, and then I and my physician had to jump through their hoops to obtain the needed prescriptions!! These prescriptions were NOT controlled substances! Prices for prescriptions are outrageous!!!! A pharmacy coupon had me paying 11.00 per month for Metacarbanol where United charged 32.00 with my insurance!!

  33. Why complain..just move to another country and get better overall healthcare..US is 37th in world ranking for healthcare. While it is true you still have to keep medicare while being expat in another country just in case you get homesick and want to move back. Most countries charge about $2000 a year for complete coverage in their healthcare system. If you add it all up you may come out ahead by $500 a year.

  34. United healthscare sucks. They have denied my 90yr. mother her medicare coverage twice. First Appeal WON. Second appeal notified Fri 4/10, notified care facility coverage would end 4/13.
    Nobody works at Heatlhscare on the weekend. Today granted 2day extension, no return phone calls from customer service supervisor ——–, have called 3times and left messages. I hope when they need healthcare, they get the same sh—y service. No regard or respect for human lives, just a bunch of careless clinicians. Lots of apologies, 7 on the last phone call, still no action to correct the obvious problem.

  35. I, regrettably, used to work for UHC. Bunch of narcissists, backstabbers and psychopaths who run the company. Wish I had known then what I gradually discovered on my own years later.
    UHC can go to hell!

  36. For 3 months starting in May 2020 through now, August 2020, their website hasn’t shown medical claims for my “Medicare Advantage” account for 2019-2020. I’ve called their technical support number 8 times, and they say they know that the issue is “world-wide”, but they never fix it. I’ve filed 2 complaints with Medicare about UHC, and the problem is still not fixed. That they’re a multi-billion dollar company, and for 3 months they can’t fix their website means to me a malicious intent on the part of UHC, a desire to obfuscate client information for their own purposes. Stay away from them.

  37. The Ride Service Sucks… And Customer Service Is A Freakin’ Recording/Answering Machine…They Don’t care About Their Patients…They Are Swirling Down The Bowl!!!

    1. Since July I Have Attempted To Use The Driver Services….Beetween Then And Now 3 Times… Out Of The 3 Times, They Have Showed Up…..ONE Time!!!!!! My Man Was Supposed To Have Surgery!!!!!!!! That Isn’t Willy Nilly B.S. … It Is Surgery..They Commit A Room And Schedule It For The Patients SURGERY,…We Had To Be There At 2 pm..(BE THERE) Moron Showed Up 20 After 2…And Bold Faced Lied To Me!!!!! Had To Reschedule His Surgery… My Man Had To Fast For 14 1/2 Hours, And A Ton Of Anxiety…I Hate Knowing I Am Going To Have To Try The Service Again….Damn!!!!!

  38. UnitedHealthcare is without a doubt the WORST healthcare organization I have ever dealt with. In ALL respects. They should be tossed out with the rest of the trash.

  39. I was receiving email messages intended for other clients. I called the number in the email and was routed to sales. I explained the problem and was routed to customer service. They had no way of knowing how to identify the root cause of this obvious IT problem. Clearly they are not validating the information provided to them by their clients. This is a level of incompetence that does not recommend them as a service provider. Avoid them.

  40. After my husband’s hip surgery, UHC would not approve his stay at a the rehab center his surgeon recommended “because it was too expensive”. Our premiums were $1,900 a month!! Instead, he was sent to a nursing facility where he died of a blood clot, after horrible care (forgetting compression socks, mismanagement of meds and barely any physical therapy). I later found out that this nursing facility has claimed bankruptcy and changed their name every few years due to so many lawsuits!!! UHC chose that place – and I will forever blame them for his death!

    1. I have read hundreds of negative reviews here. Yours seems to be the worst. My condolences to you and your family. $1900/month is outrageous and your poor husband was sent to a place where UHC certainly knows the bad things about them.

  41. I have had UHC for many years, as a Medicare supplement. This year I fainted and severely injured myself, I went to a local hospital where they didn’t think they could give me the care I needed. I was sent by EMS to a large city, to an Army medical center. Since receiving all my bill’s, I have sent them to UHC no less than 4 times. All but one was paid, that bill from the Army Medical Center. When I called, they had NO record even though I sent two together, one of which they processed and one they LOST. I called, went up one side of them and down the other. They promised to take care of the situation. Today I got a letter and they claim absolutely no responsibility for their incompetence. I rate them a 1 on a scale of 5, and only because they did process most of the bills after me having to send them 4 times. I will not be signing up with them on the next enrollment period. I am completely dissatisfied with their customer service and their claim department. Plus this year I had to pay a premium which I never had before plus the co-pays are higher.


  42. Just filed my third complaint against UHC for their “Medicare Advantage Plan.” First UHC refused to issue a (zero copay) medication Rx because the physician wasn’t on their “list,” then they decided to close their customer service dept. an hour early after advertising longer hours. Then they figured they’d ignore me, so I filed a third complaint for misrepresentation and poor customer service. Next one will be for fraud (advertising longer customer service hours than they actually provide), with my state. Sure would have been cheaper (for them) to listen to me the first time.

    1. Hi Steve,

      How did you file your complaint? Did you use an attorney? Have you gotten any positive results from your complaints?

  43. Horrendous beyond description. 1/2 the time you get transferred it is to the wrong department or drops the call during the transfer. Other times, you’re on hold and all of a sudden it starts ringing and someone suddenly picks up and has no idea about anything you just spent 20 minutes discussing with the previous agent. Maddening. 6 hours to have a simple issue resolved. And still isn’t resolved. I have never seen anything like it in 40 years. AVOID AVOID AVOID!!

  44. Just got off the phone with UHC customer service. I have spoken with several people the last few weeks, transferred from one agent to the next, spent many hours etc. and I just wanted to add a provider. I was told to call a different ‘provider number’ which was a complete dead end! None of my questions have been answered and no resolution! This is one of the most aggravating companies I’ve ever dealt with. It seems that there needs to be much more time and money funneled into the training, efficiency and knowledge of agents instead of the 20+ million dollars directed toward a CEO!

  45. I have never had such great dislike for a company as much as UHC in my entire life. I’m tired of receiving tons of junk mail and dozens of phone calls per week not related to my health care. To save you time reading and my time typing i urgently suggest you look else for insurance. Remember, if the agent makes your policy sound to good to be true, it most likely is not.

  46. Their customer service has to be the absolute WORST – I got a woman who couldn’t understand the test I was calling about and asked me to spell it for her. Are you kidding me! Then she tried to tell me my doctor and hospital weren’t in network. Then she tried to tell me that she would call me tomorrow. No you’re not!!! Then the test my doctor ordered was denied because there were no results from the test. They are the absolute WORST – its just nothing but excuses. The care coordinator I got said repeatedly “there is some sort of disconnect”. There’s no disconnect, you just don’t want to cover the test, instead of pocketing the money! I cancelled and was on hold 51 to speak to a manager only to find out the cancellation was already in process. THEY SUCK BEYOND WORDS!!!

  47. This is my part 2 to my complaint. After 51 minutes on hold I finally got to speak to a manager/supervisor who told my my cancellation request was initiated on 2/4/2021; however, in none of the conversations with the care coordinator did she mention that. The manager tried to tell me that Medicare had to approve the cancellation. LIE! I called Medicare and was told “I don’t know why they told you we had to approve the cancellation, you can cancel at any time”.

  48. I work for a durable medical equipment company. UHC is the absolute worst insurance when it comes to paying claims. Allow me to give just ONE EXAMPLE: To provide a group 3 powerchair with power seating a patient must have a neurological diagnosis and a Doctor, Therapist and an Assistive Technology Specialist must present documentation to justify the medical necessity PRIOR to delivery of such item. UHC reviews and approves/denies according to guidelines (primarily following Medicare rules). I have documentation that shows we submitted a prior request for such a powerchair, obtained an approval from UHC, delivered and billed for the chair. A month later instead of paying for the chair…UHC requested we submit all the documentation to them again. Another month passes and then UHC sends a denial of payment stating no justification for the items provided *WHICH THEY ORIGINALLY APPROVED*. Now it is another battle with them to try and get paid for items they already approved once but since are denying. ABSOLUTELY ROTTEN INSURANCE COMPANY! Everyone in the industry should get together with all similar stories and sue the company into the ground! I have no doubts there are thousands and thousands of similiar stories across the nation about this insurance company.

  49. They offer preventive programs “Renew Rewards” and no one — none of their so-called customer service representatives — knows how the parts of it work. For example, if you want credit for steps taken using a Fitness Tracker, they cannot explain why your tracker won’t sync with their website. This may be a first-world problem, but it’s just another example of how they don’t know what they are doing.

  50. I signed up for AARP supplemental insurance (united healthcare) when I initiated medicare. Cost was $121
    Per month. 6 months later they increased it to $188. Cant afford it.
    Am cancelling & shall do without- even amid pandemic!

  51. SO PISSED!
    My mother spent hours on the phone back and forth with several representatives trying to sign up for one of the individual affordable health care plans. After informing the representative on the other end of the line that she had BREAST CANCER in the past, his response was: “Oh… I have actually seen people denied because of breast cancer before”. After my mother mentioned that she thought it was illegal to discriminate against people with pre-existing conditions and asked how they were allowed to do that, he avoided the question and never answered. Unsurprisingly, the next day she received word that she was denied the healthcare plan they had discussed on the phone the day prior on account of having previously HAD breast cancer (over 6 years ago)!!! Unbelievable!

  52. Wish I had read these comments before I regrettably signed up for UHC Medicare Advantage plan last Aug. I have NEVER been so frustrated with an ins. co. as I have been with them. They are refusing to believe that I only have them for ins. coverage! Maybe just another tactic to not pay any claims. Will def drop this ins. next open enrollment. Does anyone know who to contact to get help in fighting these things…other than hiring a lawyer??

  53. My doctor prescribed a treatment that required me to make daily trips to their office for several weeks. This particular treatment requires consistency in order to be effective. My doctor’s office contacted United, and the treatment was approved in less than 24 hours. A few weeks in, my old policy (under “Golden Rule” — and the winner for Most Ironic Name goes to…) expired, and a new one began. At this point, United hit the brakes. They wanted to review the claim for pre-existing conditions. Never mind that the full course of treatment had already been approved under the previous policy. Never mind that the only reason this treatment was “pre-existing” was because they’d approved it in the first place. Never mind that nothing at all had changed in my medical history. United has, at this point, dragged their feet for weeks, sabotaging my treatment further with each day that goes by. They are countermanding the orders of my doctor, for no logical reason — they are merely doing it because they can.

    Their customer service is occasionally friendly, but they are not empowered to actually do anything — those who are, are safely hidden far away from a phone. They promise to call. They will not call. Everything will happen “in a few days.” A few days later, it’s still a few days away.

    United is not interested in holding up any part of any bargain. You’re more likely to see return on investment at a three-card monte game. I haven’t run the numbers yet, but I’m considering buying a first-aid kit and setting a pile of money on fire every month. Same cost & benefits, and at least my money won’t go to United.

  54. Svetlana Fasolt

    I’m so glad, I found this page. Somehow, I don’t know why or how, they found me and have been bombarding me. I think an acquaintance maybe have given them my name. I had never heard of them before.
    So I never called them but started getting thing from them in the mail. They told me my coverage would start on April 1. I don’t know, how they got that idea. I have Medicare and Medicaid and have been happy with them the last two years.

  55. Joanne Frazee

    Ive been with United cobra plan for almost 18 months and have not received an accurate bill since. I call every month and still no result. This is a huge company which yes SUCKS and cant seem to get it right. They are not going to refill my prescriptions because I did’nt pay on the 1st it is only the the 7th as of now. Dumb asses dont even care if its in the middle of pandemic. Im going to file a complaint with the state. They cant seem to fix the system. They will love it when I’m hospitalize because I cant get my meds

  56. Would appreciate hearing from disabled seniors who have used Oxycontin for years, had to try XTAMPZA and had medical difficulties or bad side effects then tried to resume their oxycontin prescription. But were denied. Was anybody able to get OxyContin restored?? If not what did you/are you doing now? I am a blind, multi disabled 78 year old.

  57. United Healthcare makes more money than other insurance companies for one reason. They do not pay the physician for what he/she does. They make payment for simple low level procedures and visits. However, when 2 or 3 procedures are billed at one visit they will pay the physician for 1 procedure (the lowest cost one) and deny the rest. The physician will send in notes to justify what was done and they still deny it. The physician I talk to says they will now only treat 1 problem at a visit. If you have another problem or 2, you will need to come back for another visit or 2. And when United Healthcare says the procedure was not medically necessary, then the physician is not even allowed to bill the patient. This physician feels the only way to change this is to have a mass exodus of physicians simultaneously give up their participation with United Healthcare.

  58. I was sent a Bill 6 months after my appointment, first UHC covered some of my appointment, and then they changed their mind and I was left with a $405 bill! Plus now I have appointments after that one that I settled, but I guess this terrible insurance company will change their minds about them too and my bill will just keep racking up!!! Never go for UHC, I was pushed into signing up by a forceful representative and mentioned that I was pregnant, he failed to tell me that the plan he was signing me up for doesn’t cover maternity! The hospital called me and told me that me estimate would be upwards of $15000 because my insurance doesn’t cover what I need! So $450 a month for bad service and no coverage and bills that get sent 6 months after the appointment. Terrible!

    The representative also blocked my phone number after I said I wanted to cancel. I’m with Anthem now. Wasted like $3000 on UHC that could have covered my anthem deductible. I hate UHC

  59. Vincent Huffman, Professor Emeritus

    We’ve had varied experiences with UHC. A hybrid commercial plan was AWFUL and consistent with the many complaints I read in this collection of commentaries. We are now retired and have outstanding UHC benefits through a massive retirement plan. 150K recipients. Profitable for UHC. They treat us well. Clearly NOT the experience of most. We are losing quality medical providers who have reached their limits with UHC. The “mass exodus” is happening. UHC replaced medical teams with MBA’s. The result has been a pervasive ignorance of medicine and a tragic lack of empathy. I have to ask what ANY insurance company actually does for us? The only legal charge they have is to pay the bills and share the costs among variable risk groups. Insurance companies have reduced the US Healthcare system to 27th in the world. While Sweden, Spain, New Zealand rank 1st. These are democratic societies who adhere to the tenant that health is a human right. It’s not socialism. It’s the uniform and consistent delivery of quality healthcare. Providers make a comfortable living without the stress of having patients die because of the greed of UHC (and others). The ultra rich do get richer. To the point that 400 CEO types control 60 per cent of the US economy. Anything is acceptable. So long as we accept it. Perhaps it’s time to wake up and make the changes we all deserve? We’re the greatest nation on Earth. Yet insurance companies have reduced our life expectancy by almost ten years. We can do better and I suggest that we do.

  60. I’m a Billing Specialist for a medical provider and United Healthcare Medicare has the worst provider services reps. I call four other insurance companies and the provider services reps are extremely helpful. United Healthcare Medicare outsources the call center and there is usually a language barrier and I have to call repeatedly to get claims paid correctly. I submit reconsiderations and appeals through the provider portal (website) and the “Medical Analyst” always responds with a canned letter that claim paid correctly. It’s a joke. If you can get insurance from a different company I highly recommend anyone but United Healthcare.

  61. Ricardo L. Walker

    Great Benefit Emulators (See The Rainmaker novel/film). Mircromanaging my treatment plan and denying the prescribed meds because of the price alone.
    Despite the expertise of my specialists, after 3 years on the right combination of meds, Great Benefit, I mean UHC, wants me to try cheaper therapies that we have already tried without success. My health is clearly not their concern, just the cost of my health.
    Customer service reps: it’s always a different dept that must handle some other detail, an endless wait to be transferred and an accidental disconnection during the transfer. Every time I call.

  62. The commercial insurance (HMO, PPO) that UHC offers its employees of Optum is terrible.

    Oh sure you think it’s cheap because you’re being lied to. Do you know why it’s so cheap?

    Because they cover absolutely nothing and make the HSA seem like some kind of deity.

    I have mental health disability that requires a name brand mental health medication that cannot be dispensed to me generic. If I receive generic, I regress to fully unable to function in the space of a month. This employee insurance PPO refused to cover it and it was not a medical necessity denial — it was “Denied due to not being covered.”

    They cower in their offices and corners with their friends and pretend to know what they are doing, but my LCSW has more knowledge on prescription medication than their lying clinical reviewers who use credentials that are nothing remotely similar to my prescribing RN. You need to become an expert in their own game in order to learn to navigate it. And the best way to navigate it is to EXIT.

    Use any other insurance and DO NOT GIVE UNITED HEALTHCARE YOUR MONEY.


    an Optum Employee. 🙂

  63. I work with billing for a provider’s office. I have to say UHC has the worst at customer service between ALL the major insurance companies. They deny claims for reasons that don’t even make sense. One rep actually told me that a pregnant woman has to be on the policy for 10 months before they actually pay on maternity claims. Really?? Patient will be pregnant for 9 months so I guess they wouldn’t be covered. Anyway, rep couldn’t provide me anything in writing and said it wasn’t in the policy it was just an unwritten rule. When I told they had already paid on previous claims during the last 9 months, she had no answer. This is just one example out of 100’s we go through each year. Forget about contacting your local rep, they are useless too. You can never talk to them on the phone because they don’t pick up and don’t return your calls. When you send them an email they say “call the customer service number or refer back to your contract”. Idiots!! Why do you think we are contacting you?? UHC is the biggest headache and cause more undue stress on everybody else just because they either don’t want to do their job or don’t know how. In my estimation we lose tens of thousands dollars per year because claims are either written off/countless appeals/countless man hours/countless phone calls that are unnecessary. Makes me wonder who is sleeping with who to be in management with that company. IMO, whoever works for UHC and tries to get another job somewhere else, watch them closely. Because working for UHC for a long period of time should be a strike against you on your resume.

  64. I work in a billing department, I feel United is terrible on all levels. Services are always denied for strange and incorrect reasons. They cover nothing, reimbursement is horrible, their rules are impossible to know and follow. Patients are mad because they were told they had good coverage, billing department is frustrated because United processes claims incorrectly, denies many necessary services, but blames the doctors office instead of telling the patient the truth… United doesn’t cover it. They never look at appeals, they just wait out the 90 days and then deny, saying it’s too late. I physically cringe when a patient shows us an United Insurance card. United will deny, nobody at United will help them or give an honest answer, they will put the blame on the billing department to get the patient off the phone, my office won’t get paid and the patient will be mad because United didn’t pay and now they will have to pay. It’s a terrible situation

  65. United Healthcare has taken over a large portion of NC Medicaid as of July 1st 2021 and has since denied costly medication that Medicaid has covered until now. No notice was given to Medicaid members who no longer have coverage for their medication it has been simply ripped out from under them. Specifically buprenorphine that I know of but I’m sure it’s not the only one. Finding information about this is not easy because unless you are directly affected by this you wouldn’t know it’s happened but maybe if we can put the information out there even in comment sections like this it can become known what insurance companies like this are doing just to have more dollar bill’s to wipe their hungry mouths with.

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